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Many articles about self-defense found on the Internet provide effective tips for both men and women on how to react in the event of an attack. However, most articles do not clearly explain how to defend oneself specifically. So, most newbies with less psychology and boldness for defense often find these little explanations challenging to apply in reality.

In order to facilitate the dissemination of this knowledge, SCARS (Special Combat Aggressive Reactionary Systems), an online training platform that provides self-defense training similar to the military tactics level, has chosen practical advice and methods adaptable to various circumstances.

Regardless of the opponent’s weight and height, they are applicable to all men and women. Read on to learn about the seven techniques suitable to your self-defense whenever you are attacked!

7 Self-Defense Techniques You Can Apply When You Are Attacked

To start, you need to have a clear view of the human body or memorize its vulnerable areas. It doesn’t matter how tall and strong your opponent is; you can hit them successfully if you remember these areas of vulnerability. The main ones are the eyes, nose, throat, solar plexus, groin, and knee.

You can attack in any way, but to be 100% sure of victory, it’s worth keeping in mind techniques that compromise these parts of the body. After you’re acquainted with these vulnerable parts exploitable, you can now go along to use any of the following self-defense techniques:

Note: No matter how you are attacked, always look to strike the vulnerable targets mentioned. The only way to stop an attack is to immediately injure the person, no matter what they try to do to you they will always expose a vulnerable target.

Frontal Choke

If you happen to be grabbed by the neck, immediately look to strike a target. Try to keep your head as steady as possible, slightly bend your legs, and kick the groin or gouge the eye to free yourself from the attacker. Trying to push the attacker’s arms up is in vain. You can also try grabbing one of the person’s arms, putting your arm around the back of their neck, and knocking them down. Another option is to try to twist the arm of the person holding you, but those moves require training.

Using a Key

You’ve probably already thought about using your house key to defend yourself, considering the possibility of piercing the person. However, it is very easy to get injured if you don’t have the skills to do so. So, we don’t really recommend keys. However, the idea is to hold firmly in the same way you would open a door and use the key to cut the attacker. Remember the exploitable parts we mentioned earlier can be the ideal spots to hit someone if you need to use this technique.

Hug From Behind

If you are grabbed from behind, immediately stomp the top of the attacker’s foot, near the ankle (works well if you have on heels). We offer techniques that can free you from the grip. Firstly, if they grab you around the arms, hold their arms to you and fall to your side. You’ll fall together, but you’ll be able to free yourself from the bear hug. Holding the arms allows your opposite arm to elbow the jaw, neck, temple or throat. Following the fall, hit any of the aforementioned vulnerable parts close to you within a split-second thought. You don’t want to end up in a jujitsu type situation where you are stuck trying to grapple the criminal. 

Choking From Behind

A very common violent approach technique is applying a rear naked choke from behind, suffocating the victim. The situation may seem scary, but you can try to knock your opponent down by throwing them over your own body. Remember to grab the attacker’s arm and flip them over. You’ll easily understand how to retain or gain the full power to do this if you check through self-defense classes

Disarming a Person

It is important to remember that reacting to robberies is never the best option. However, if you are going to put your life at risk by doing this, you better know at least some technique. We have a whole disarmament series based on real combat experience and science.  You don’t want to attempt what you see in something like Krav Maga. The moves look simple when you watch them, like in most YouTube videos. It’s “just” holding the barrel of the gun, moving it away from your body, and punching your opponent. That’s a recipe for disaster, it seems easy, you need to understand the parameters of field of fire and human control principles. SCARS covers this in firearm training or the law enforcement training.

Grabbed by the Wrist

You can free yourself from the assailant by twisting your arm if one or both of the fists grip you. Remember, however, that as soon as you are free, so is your opponent, and they can react to this. Hence, quickly decide which vulnerable part to attack among the ones mentioned earlier. Another tactic for women’s self-defense in this scenario, if the attacker is a man, is to try to land a kick to his private parts before trying to free his arms.  There are many other easier solutions within the training series that work against a much larger attacker. 

Knife Attack

There are a few options if you are about to be stabbed and have nothing to defend yourself with. First, remember your targets! The faster you can blind (eye gouge) or knock out the attacker the less chance you have of being stabbed. If you can’t run away, attack! 99% of the time they will either try to overhand (hack) or underhand (gut) stab you. You can learn self-defense techniques to stop the criminal with a knife. Worst case you strike the arm with the knife as hard as you can and land kicks, eye gouges and punches to the closest vulnerable part to disarm the criminal.


Even after discussing these self-defense techniques in the most visualizable mode, they can often feel unreal to newbies. But no worries—Special Combat Aggressive Reactionary Systems (SCARS) has visual military tactics training videos you can learn from to prepare you against any attack. We’re the one for you if you need to learn to survive all attacks and eliminate fear. You can check out our proven system with over 1000 lessons.

By Syler