Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
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Quality lifestyle, a peaceful environment and affordable investment opportunities have become the top priority of almost every investor. All these factors have become the basic need of time because of the daily hustle and bustle and busy routine everyone wants a calm and peaceful environment and a quality lifestyle with their loved ones. Therefore, BSM developers bring a fantastic housing project New Metro City Gujar Khan housing project in the Islamabad-Rawalpindi district, offering all the above-mentioned features including luxurious facilities, an affordable payment plan and an opportunity to have quality time with your loved ones. This blog will explain the all main reasons that make the New Metro City Gujar Khan housing society a unique and captivating housing society in the twin city. 

New Housing Project in Gujar Khan

New Metro City Gujar Khan housing society by BSM developers is the recently launched housing society in the Rawalpindi district. New Metro City Gujar Khan housing society has shown remarkable progress in just a few months after scheduling back-to-back balloting dates which is the biggest achievement of the society. All the scheduled balloting events of multiple blocks of New Metro City housing society are positive indicators towards profitable investment opportunities for the investors because file allotment and plot allocation in minimum time is the hearty wish of almost every investor.

1. Prime Location

The ideal location is valuable in real estate holdings for several reasons. For the interest of their investors, housing societies also attempt to locate in a desirable region. Land in communities with convenient access to nearby attractions is something both investors and people are interested in buying. Therefore, the developers of New Metro City Gujar Khan have chosen an attractive location on the main G.T. route for inhabitants and investors. Locals can use public transportation at the main entrance on G.T. Road because it is there. This housing development is also connected to several routes linking twin cities.

2. Well-Known Developers

Whenever investor makes up their mind to go for the investment procedure, they always think and conduct extensive research on developers of the society e.g who owns the society, what is their success story and information about their previous projects. The purpose of conducting this research is to have satisfaction about the developers of the project because only well-reputed developers in the field of real estate gained the trust and confidence of investors. BSM developers and builders that are owned by MR. Bilal Bashir Malik got special status in the world of real estate and is entitled as one of the well-reputed builders because of their past experiences and promising projects. New Metro City Gujar Khan housing society is another milestone which seems as BSM developers’ and builders’ next mega housing projects because of its unique features and speedy development progress.

3. Captivating Masterplan

The masterplan of any particular housing society is considered the backbone of the project because it portrays the overall idea of the housing project including infrastructure ideas, payment plans, blocks and phases, features and amenities. Therefore, the masterplan of New Metro City Gujar Khan housing society is designed in a way that has grasped the attention of investors. The masterplan of the society is composed of several blocks that have been further divided into multiple sectors offering commercial and residential plots with affordable payment plans along with all those facilities and amenities that have become the dream of every investor.

4. Outstanding Features and Facilities 

Residents of New Metro City Gujar Khan will have access to the finest world-class amenities and pleasures so they can enjoy and live to the fullest. The benefits and amenities offered by New Metro City Gujar Khan;

  • 24/7 Security arrangements
  • Clean and Eco-friendly environment 
  • Carpeted Roads
  • Gated Community
  • Well-reputed Education Institutions
  • Modern construction Elite dining venues International brand outlets
  • Best Healthcare Facilities
  • Commercial Zones
  • Amusement Parks

Bottom Line

Although New Metro City Gujar Khan housing society is a recently launched housing society by BSM builders, since its inception, the society has shown remarkable development progress and grasped the attention of investors towards this mega project. Other than this, the unique features of the society including an ideal location, well-known developers and an outstanding masterplan have made the society unique and desirable among all investors living in twin cities.