The tendency is to keep the subject in the center of the scene for a while and then stabilize or disappear. However, cryptocurrencies have achieved widespread and indicative development in everything related to digital resources, including several examples throughout history. Now the new fad is the “Tungsten Cube“, a metal block that fits in the palm of your hand and weighs about 18 kg.

It’s worth doing: this is a piece of metal with no function whatsoever. It’s useless. Of course, at least it’s not from a physical block and metavers.

A few weeks ago, social networks were flooded with these (very dense) chunks of metal, and users of the crypto ecosystem appeared.  What makes them so special?

It all started, as happened on the internet recently, through a meme in crypto circles and thanks to a viral joke from Neeraj Agarwal, CoinCenter’s communications director, who tweeted about the “deficit” global tungsten”.

Tungsten cubes are used to decorate desks: they are a way to be “introduced” into the crypto world.

Tungsten or tungsten, also known as tungsten or tungsten, is a chemical element with atomic number 74, in group 6 of the periodic table of elements. It is a rare metal in the earth’s crust, represented by W in the periodic table.

About 1.74 times heavier than lead, it is commonly used in metal alloys to increase hardness and strength. And it’s because of this feature of concentrating so much weight in very few places that it starts to go viral: basically how it feels in the hand.

Other than that, it’s aesthetically appealing (though of course, it’s still a featureless cube).

Who made them and how did they get in Argentina?

Manufacturer Midwest Tungsten Services typically sells tungsten sheets and tungsten wire for industrial use, but also sells the material in cubic form as a new desktop grade material.

Following Agarwal’s tweet, sales of tungsten services in the Midwest jumped 300% and their Amazon store inventory was empty, the company told Koindesk.

The company sells them in sizes ranging from a centimeter to extra-large 4 inches by 3 million for 30.30. The way to get them home is eBay sent to Argentina.

The cheapest would be around 70 70 paying around 12k pesos and in dollars involved.

Demand for larger buckets prompted the company to sell the £1,784 version as an NFT, allowing “owners” to visit the bucket annually at the Midwest Tungsten Service headquarters in Illinois.

The company’s director of e-commerce, Shawn Murray, told NBC News that the “unprecedented” revenue increase was “astonishing,” though irresistible.

“We had to add staff and arrive a little earlier to handle the massive surge in demand while trying to maintain a high level of customer service,” said Murray. “Sometimes it means diving into a pile of boxes (not literally) to find something that got canceled a few minutes before the pick-up window from the carrier,” he added.