Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Phone charger is a device for converting voltage, converting 220V AC of household circuit into 5V DC. Mobile phone charger is an indispensable part of life, so someone found that when the mobile phone is charged, the charger plug will be hot. What’s the matter with the mobile phone charger heating? Here are the reasons and solutions for your hair perm when the charger is inserted.

Causes of hot charger

When the mobile phone is charged, the charger heating is normal, and the AC and DC power are lost during conversion. Generally, the charger adopts the switching power supply with high efficiency, but limited by the volume, so there is basically no PFC circuit, so the power factor is less than 0.7, and the rest of the energy is basically converted into heat energy.

It’s normal for the charger to be a little hot when charging. As long as there is no odor, don’t worry about it. However, it’s best to put it in a ventilated place, because the heat will accelerate the aging of electronic components.

Solution to overheating of charger:

1. Charge it in a cool environment.

If the mobile phone charger is overheated, it is best to charge it in a cool environment in summer, such as an air-conditioned room. In this way, the mobile phone charger will not overheat.

2. Use the original mobile phone charger.

When charging the mobile phone, the original charger should be used to ensure the stability of output current and protect the battery. The original charger will also generate heat, but it will not overheat. It has a protective device. If your charger overheats, it means it is fake or not original.

3. Do not play with your mobile phone while it is charging.

Playing with the mobile phone while charging the mobile phone will cause the mobile phone charger to overheat, because it will work for a period of time longer than normal, which will not affect the charger and will reduce the service life of the charger.

4. Do not overcharge.

Generally, the original mobile phone charger can be fully charged within about 3 hours after charging. Do not continue charging after it is fully charged, otherwise the charger will run overload and become overheated. Unplug the charger in time.

5. Be careful of the surrounding heat source.

When charging the mobile phone, the charger should be placed away from the heat source, such as gas stove, steamer, etc., to avoid overheating of the charger due to excessive ambient temperature.

6. Reduce the number of charges.

If the charger is charged many times a day, it will overheat. Therefore, the charging times should be controlled. Generally, it can be charged once a day or two, which can help to prolong the service life of the RF PCB charger.

7. When charging, try to turn off the phone.

This can not only prolong the service life of the charger, but also protect the mobile phone.