Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

The Super Bowl of 2020 gave us something phenomenal, something we can brag about. It has introduced us to versatile and infinitely recyclable aluminum cups instead of the regular and single-use plastic cups. With this, people all over the world can take one step ahead to reduce the overall usage of plastic, and the amount of wastage will also go down tremendously.

The problem with plastic cups

Over 90 per cent of the plastic used in the United States of America is dumped in landfills. Because as we already know, plastics may seem to us as one of the most convenient materials, but it is very harmful to the environment in the long run. Plastics or polyethene is a byproduct of Petroleum. After extracting gasoline and other fossil fuels, we end up with substances like polyethene and other such materials.

But have we ever thought about where these plastics go after we discard them? Nowadays, plastics are used for landfills because of these dumped plastics in the sea and create multiple issues for the water creatures. To be honest, even birds are getting affected by plastics; we often come across birds that have mistakenly consumed plastics while hunting for fish in the sea.

Most single-use plastics are not recyclable, and after recycle the quality of plastics degrade. So we cannot use the same plastic after recycling to create the same product. Maybe we can use it to create other products that require lesser quality products, but after each recycling, there will arrive a state where we won’t be able to use it anymore. That is when we will have to either dump it or use it for landfills.

The alternative: Aluminum cups

As metal aluminium is extremely lightweight yet sturdy, that is why it is used to build airplanes. The Ball Corporation has introduced an item that can be used instead of single-use plastic cups and has more features than these disposable plastic cups. Yes, I am talking about Aluminum cups. Unlike disposable plastic, which is used once and crushed after usage, aluminum cups can be used several times (preferably how many times you want to use), after which you can send it for recycling.

The best part about using aluminum cups is that no matter how many times you use and re-use the cups, the quality of the material will remain intact. Aluminum cups or aluminium as a metal do not lose their inherent properties after getting recycled. So no matter how many times you recycle the cup, the product of the same quality can be created out of the metal.

After using the aluminum cups for parties, barbecues, etc., you can wash them and use them again for several times. In terms of recycling, too, aluminium is one step ahead of glass and plastics. Aluminium can be recycled and will be ready to be used again within a 60 days time period, whereas other materials consume more time to become available for use after recycling.

Many people use aluminium because it is recyclable, and over 80 per cent of aluminium that have been extracted get recycled for use. So if you are willing to help the world achieve a cleaner and greener environment, then abandon plastics and use aluminum cups.