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Meeting rooms are essential for brainstorming and collaborating in a workplace. This is why companies spend time and money to build and design spaces that enhance productivity in the office. Now, in the wake of the pandemic, companies are increasingly shifting to a hybrid work model. The transition has also changed the way they conduct meetings.

Companies are now investing in meeting room management systems for frictionless booking and management. This means that you have an abundance of meeting room booking solutions to choose from. But your hybrid workplace needs a modern solution that makes it easy to book and manage these collaborative spaces.

So, what is the best meeting room management system for your organization? Let us find out.

  1. Offers All Necessary Features

A modern meeting room management system must provide features that make booking and management seamless. Whether it is keeping a tab of multiple rooms in real-time, booking them with one click, or integrating with other workplace applications, a meeting room solution must do it all. 

Here are some features that your next meeting room booking solution must have:

  • Single dashboard to manage all rooms and meeting schedules.
  • Real-time room availability and booking.
  • Integration with tools like Outlook and Google Calendar to automatically notify team members.
  1. Improves Space Usage

A modern meeting room management system is more than a booking software. It also helps facility managers improve the space’s usage. Since hybrid workplaces offer flexible work environment, occupancy varies daily. With a meeting room booking software, managers can analyze how the space is being used. 

The system helps managers track meeting room usage in real-time and they can see:

  • The rooms under use.
  • The rooms that are empty.
  • The duration of meetings, and many more such insights.

Based on insights, organizations can understand if their meeting rooms are under or over-booked. Accordingly, they can convert unused spaces into hot desks or small collaboration rooms for optimal use.

  1. Allows for Effective Meetings

According to research from Zippia, around 71% of all meetings are unproductive. Such meetings waste the company’s valuable time and real estate. Luckily, a meeting room management system is a good way to ensure that meetings serve a purpose and stay productive. 

First, a meeting room management software removes all unnecessary steps from meeting room booking. It makes the process quick and hassle-free. Then, it easily integrates with applications like emails and calendars to automatically notify participants about meeting schedules.

Also, participants can request amenities like whiteboards, projectors, etc., while scheduling a meet. So, workers have everything they need to make a meeting successful. Sometimes, meetings cannot take place as per the schedule due to unforeseen circumstances. In such a case, the user can easily change the schedule in the meeting room management and share the update with other participants in real-time.

  1. Improves Workplace Productivity

Maintaining employee productivity is as pertinent in hybrid workplaces as ever. And inefficient meeting room management makes this difficult. According to research, almost 40% of employees waste around 30 minutes every day looking for a meeting space. This hampers productivity.

Besides delivering productive meetings, meeting room management software improves overall workplace efficiency. A modern meeting room solution notifies the participants about the meeting schedule. So they know precisely when and where they need to be. 

With real-time room availability checking and booking, the software eliminates issues like double booking and miscommunication. So employees can collaborate and complete their tasks without delay.

  1. A Modern Meeting Room Management System Prioritizes Safety

With the pandemic in the backdrop, managers in a hybrid setup have the added challenge of ensuring the workplace is safe for employees. Social spaces like conference rooms have a higher risk of physical contact and contamination. So, a conference room scheduling software must help you deliver a safe meeting environment without limiting collaboration.

A good meeting room management solution allows the meeting organizer to define the purpose and capacity so they can limit the number of participants. The system informs only the participants about the scheduling of the meet, making it easier for managers to ensure physical distancing in conference rooms. 

Some of the best meeting room management systems also have tools that help managers create an automated sanitation workflow for meeting rooms. So, once a meeting ends, you can immediately prompt sanitation staff to clean the room and prepare it for the next session. 

Back To You

meeting room management software should be a priority for hybrid workplaces. It is key to providing safe, collaborative spaces to workers. Benchmark the software of your choice with the points mentioned above and filter the best modern meeting room management solution for your office.

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