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Whether you like your hair short and bouncy or long and luscious, it can significantly affect how you feel about yourself. When your hair starts to thin and go, it can significantly affect your self-esteem and impact how you look and feel about yourself. 

Hair integration systems might be the best answer if you’re thinking, “What is the best hair loss therapy for women?” With these methods, you can quickly get thick, luxurious hair, and they won’t damage or tear your natural hair.

Hair integration systems are an excellent approach to achieving the same look as hair extensions for people with fine, fragile hair. The mesh integration system is the ideal remedy for restoring your confidence because it is one of the most fabulous hair loss treatments for women who have hair loss or thinning.


The New Times Hair team can give you the hair you’ve always wanted, even if you believe it’s virtually impossible to obtain. They are experts in hair loss remedies in New Times Hair and have spent years developing approaches. 

Mesh integration systems are fantastic since they can be used on even the finest hair, making it easy to have the beautiful locks you’ve always wanted.


Women may lose their hair due to hereditary factors, diseases including thyroid illness, alopecia, or other causes. Even stress, melancholy, or menopause can result in temporary hair loss. These reasons for female hair loss can lead to a loss of identity, self-worth, and confidence.

Because of this, you should know what you can do if hair loss makes you feel bad about yourself.


New Times Hair can confidently declare that mesh integration systems are the most effective hair loss therapy for ladies because they are experienced, professional hairdressers. 

These systems were created especially for those with thin, fragile hair that is too thin for hair extensions. While most clients won’t be affected by lightweight micro and nano ring extensions, those with fine, thinning hair will feel the tug of the attachments, possibly causing the strands to fall out.

Mesh integration technologies, however, make it possible for you to obtain the look and fashion that your favorite celebs are rocking on the red carpet.


Mesh integration is ideal for those with excellent hair or bald patches due to hair loss. These systems use a breathable mesh to deliver flawless results, acting as a more sophisticated and long-lasting alternative to a wig.

This indicates that the clothing is light and comfortable without making the head feel heavy or constricted. In addition, the hair can be cut to the length you choose, and you can keep washing and styling it as usual.

The mesh is cut and shaped for you to begin applying the system to your hair. This makes sure that it fits correctly and that the mesh is hidden from view once the hair has been applied. 

For a smooth finish, the mesh is placed right above the scalp. The hair is then weaved into the mesh. After the mesh integration system has been temporarily attached for about two months, you only need to make maintenance appointments.


A crown volumizer is a type of mesh integration system put in your crown to make it look like you have more hair. This makes this approach excellent for people with only frontal and crown hair loss. 

The technique will give you the smooth result you’ve always wanted by creating the appearance of thicker, fuller hair on the top of your head. To ensure that the system is absolutely undetectable to the naked sight, the hair utilized within it can be precisely matched to your natural hair.


A mesh integration system has many other benefits besides giving you the peace of mind you’ve always wanted. You’ll wonder why this is the first time you have had the procedure once a solution is infused into your scalp. You will like your new luscious locks for many reasons, from long-lasting results to simple upkeep.


As previously stated, you are the focal point of New Times Hair hair loss treatments. As a result, the mesh is only available in one size, which the team will precisely mold to fit your scalp for a seamless finish. 

In an initial consultation, experts will discuss your desired look and review expectations and results. How the team completes your hairdo will depend on what you hope to achieve from your hair loss therapy.

You can cut and color the hair in any way you choose after it has been placed. You can match the color to your current locks or experiment with a daring tint. 

Whatever you decide, the New Times Hair team can make it happen within the same visit, so you can start enjoying your new hair as soon as you leave the salon. You can try out gorgeous, subdued, and flamboyant hair colors at The Right Hairstyles.


One of the most frequent queries from clients’ concerns the visibility of the hair loss treatment and whether others would be able to tell that the hair is synthetic or mesh. 

First of all, all of New Times Hair’s hair is 100% human, which is different from many wigs and cheap clip-in hair extensions that you can buy online. This enables us to mimic your natural locks and create the appearance that the hair is your own.

Second, it is exceedingly difficult to detect the system in your hair because the mesh is flawlessly colored to match the tone of your skin. Additionally, the New Times Hair staff has years of experience performing this procedure, enabling them to flawlessly incorporate the solution into your hair to give it a natural appearance. 

Every component of the system will appear to have your natural hairline and hair because of the mesh and hair used to build a scalp.


After applying your mesh integration system, you must wait three days before washing your hair. You can use shampoo, conditioner, oils, and heat protectors after this, and you can wash and style your hair just like you would with your natural hair.

Since the hair will be entirely human, you must treat the system with the same care as your natural hair, shielding it from heat styling and using products that hydrate and protect it.

At our New Times Hair hair salon, they constantly provide their clients advice on specific items to use for their extensions. Examples include shampoos for hair extensions and mesh integration systems, which can be purchased on Regal Envy.

They would also recommend the following haircare tips to keep your solution looking spotless:

  • Perfect washing technique: Although the hair is sturdy in and of itself, it is crucial to gently massage shampoo into the hair to avoid yanking on the mesh system. 
  • Always use a heat protector: This also applies to your natural hair! To keep the hair in excellent condition, you must always apply a heat protector before styling with heated appliances, such as a hairdryer or curling iron.
  • Use the right oil: To keep the hair well-nourished once it has been attached, you must apply it regularly. On La Tourangelle, you may choose the ideal oils for your hair, dependent on whether it is damaged, colored, or just needs to stay shining.
  • Brush with care: To prevent tangling and make maintenance visits more complicated, it is constantly vital to brush the hair. You must also use the proper brush to prevent the hair from being pulled. The best choice is a tangle teaser since its flexible bristles imply that if they get tangled in a knot, they won’t pull and won’t harm the integration system.


Mesh integration systems last a long time, unlike wigs, which are prone to start losing their shape after a few uses. It depends on how well you take care of it using the guidance above and recommendations provided by their hairdressers in New Times Hair, the system and the hair can last up to 12 months. 

Here is a full collection of some of the world’s top-notch hair integration systems. Shop now! 

To make sure that your system is adequately maintained, you will need to schedule maintenance appointments, much like you would if you went for a haircut every 6 to 8 weeks. By doing this, you can ensure that your system will last a whole year and that you can repeatedly benefit from all of its perks.


Many women prefer to integrate a hair loss system while growing their natural hair. Hair extensions are frequently used by their clientele for this purpose as well. 

Fortunately, several women’s hair growth solutions available can support your hair development and stop additional hair loss while the system is in place. Some recommendations for women on how to stop hair loss include:


Restrictive diets may limit your intake of vital nutrients essential for good hair. Make sure you are getting enough calories each day, and make an effort to include a variety of foods in your diet to maximize the nutrients you get.


If your diet isn’t giving you enough of a particular nutrient to meet your needs, you should take a supplement. A lack of the vitamins C, D, E, and omega-3, as well as the minerals zinc and iron, can weaken and even cause hair loss. 

Before beginning any dietary supplement, you must speak with your doctor because taking too many vitamins and minerals can potentially harm your health.


Hair weakening from harsh chemicals like bleach and hair dye can result in thinning and even hair loss. Limit or avoid bleaching or dying to preserve your hair’s health. You should also apply nourishing treatments like hair masks in between dye sessions.


Surprisingly, the same ingredient that helps us wake up in the morning is also proven to help us grow our hair. Caffeine hair treatments go after DHT, which causes hair loss by stopping vitamins, proteins, and minerals from helping hair thrive.


Last but not least, no matter how many different hairstyles you try or how frequently you style your hair, it might be time to talk to experts if you still feel you need more confidence and are happier about how you look. They will hope to constantly work with you to develop a custom appearance that you enjoy to have you feel and look your best. Because of this, their systems and hair extensions are tailored specifically for you by you, guaranteeing that the color and cut are ideal while giving you the length and volume of your dreams.