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solvent-resistantWhat is solvent-resistant glitter?

Properties of solvent-resistant glitter

Properties of solvent-resistant glitter refer to the ability of a polymer to resist swelling, dissolution, cracking or deformation caused by solvents and is a physical property index. The magnitude of solvent-resistant properties is measured by the rate of change in the mass or mechanical properties of a polymer specimen after a period of time when it is impregnated in a solvent under certain conditions. The smaller the quality change or physical property change before and after impregnation, the better the solvent resistance. The goodness of the solvent resistance properties can indicate the mechanical properties of the polymer. By to share more details.

In organic solvents, the polymer dissolves due to the principle of similar solubility, which is manifested by two processes: (1) diffusion of the solvent into the polymer; (2) dissociation of the polymer chains, which leads to changes in its surface structure. From the thermodynamic point of view, when small molecules enter the polymer network, it increases the distance between the polymer chain segments, weakens the entanglement of the chain segments, enhances their motility and causes a change in the volume of the system.

What is Glitter Powder?

For some decorations on the market now, their colours and lustre are very rich, and some ornaments are put under the light or sunlight so that people look at them with a kind of glittering appearance. For this kind of glitter ornament, its surface is coated with a layer of glitter material, and this material is many kinds of colours.

For the unprofessional, we do not know what the material is, and professionals are more aware of it, which is a Glitter Powder. It is a glitter or glitter powder. Today, let’s learn what Glitter Powder is and what the uses of Glitter Powder are, right?

Glitter Powder, also known as gold and silver flakes, is a kind of electro-coated material of different thicknesses with high precision cutting. It is available in PET, PVC, OPP, metal aluminium, and laser laser materials. Generally, Glitter Powder grains can be produced in diameters from 0.004mm to 3.0mm.

Among all the Glitter Powder materials, the PET material is the most environmentally friendly Glitter Powder, which has different shapes such as quadrangular, hexagonal and rectangular, and colours such as gold, silver, green, purple, blue, lake blue and other single colours, as well as illusion colours, pearl colours, laser and other colours with illusion effects. The colours include gold, silver, green, purple, blue, lake blue, and other single colours, as well as illusion colours, pearl colors, laser colours, and other colours with illusion effects. When Glitter Powder is coated with a protective layer, it has a bright colour and is resistant to mildly corrosive chemicals in climate and temperature and is temperature resistant. Also galglitter Wholesale’s nail polish powder is perfect for this scenario

Introduction to the use of Glitter Powder

Glitter Powder, as a unique surface layer material, is widely used in Christmas crafts, candle crafts, cosmetics, screen printing industry (fabrics, leather, shoes — shoe materials, yearbook series), decorative materials (craft glass art, polycrystalline glass; crystal glass crystal ball), paint decoration, furniture painting, packaging, Christmas gifts, toy pens and other different It is characterized by its ability to enhance the visual effect of the product and to make the decorative part concave and convex, with a more three-dimensional sense. And its highly glittering characteristic makes the decorations brighter and more brilliant.

Some Glitter Powder is used in cosmetics, generally used in cosmetics inside the eye shadow, nail polish and various nail supplies above. Since Glitter Powder is a plastic film with a coating to form a glossy effect, it is also widely used in the food packaging industry. However, Glitter Powder is strictly prohibited from being added to food.

Glitter Powder, as long as the category

1, PET, PVCGlitter Powder is composed of vacuum metallic polyester plastic film, the type of Glitter Powder colour layer for the thermosetting cross bonding epoxy layer can produce a wide range of colours is very wide, and through screen printing, coating, spray scattering way for wood,

paper, cloth, metal, leather goods, ceramics and other materials. It forms special and eye-catching effects such as decoration or reflection.

Two 、Metallic Glitter Powder is generally composed of very thin aluminium foil, and its colourful outer layer is a thermosetting cross bond epoxy layer, which is ideal for plastic products, and its high-temperature resistance can reach 250℃, acid and alkali resistance.

Three 、Illusion series Glitter Powder is a unique kind of illusion Glitter Powder, which is metal-free. Due to the optical properties of the polymeric film that makes up the product, it makes the product have the variation in metallic colour and lustre, with obvious colour change.
Four 、Laser Series Glitter Powder is an imported high brightness and high illusion laser original film, which is needed to be coloured by high-temperature coating and cut by professional precision machinery to make the specification of uniform shape glitter. It is also an environmentally friendly PET radium film, and the price of the radium Glitter Powder made is higher.