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Special Containment Methods: Because of the unique nature of SCP 722, the effectiveness of containment measures is not yet tested. Containment measures are currently focusing on preserving the current condition of SCP-722 until a more permanent solution is found. Heart rate, brain-wave activity, and the internal temperatures of the object have to be monitored continuously as also any changes in the quality and size of the glacial region in which SCP-722 is currently located especially Kangerdlugssuaq.  Know more about SCP 001

There are eight access points at different points of the glacier. They are each secured by an airlock with sound dampeners that line the interior of the glacier. Each day, at intervals of four hours nitrogen gas is chilled until close to liquid level is then allowed to be in the room in order to reduce the temperature inside as much as it is feasible.

The chamber of SCP-722 is restricted only during emergency maintenance. This is to be handled by a group comprising Class D employees, with a security detail consisting of at minimum 2 clearance levels 3 agents. Anyone who gains entry into the SCP-722’s room must be fitted with a suit of extreme clothing and a pair of night-vision glasses as the chamber’s interior is not lit. 

Security personnel must be equipped with a pistol that is silenced and be extremely cautious when it comes to its use of it. If any person working on maintenance attempt to damage or damage the object in some way, it must be dismissed with extreme prejudgment, regardless of the security clearance. 

Security personnel must keep track of their progress at intervals of 10 minutes. If there is the absence of reports the chamber’s interior is to be filled by nitrogen until living organisms are found.

Anyone who enters the enclosure of SCP-722 are advised not to try to contact the artifact since it is considered to be extremely unstable. The extremities of SCP-722 should avoid at all times. If they come into touching the object agents should immediately leave the enclosure and be notified to the base medic to be detoxified.

Description: SCP-722 was found in the eastern glacial ranges of Greenland by Greenpeace activists working on a documentary on the impacts of global climate change. After descending into a crevasse that has opened on the southern edge of the glacier Kangerdlugssuaq they found a series of tunnels inside the glacier, 

which had been smoothed before revealing a series of chambers larger than the rest that appeared to be the home of a massive serpentine body. After an additional hour of investigation, the group left the glacier and headed for the town of ##########. Within a few hours, the team was suffering from various sicknesses which ranged from swelling lymph nodes, to rapid swelling of the skin. The team was dead by nightfall. was dead. An SCP agent on leave got the news and reported it to the high command.

SCP-722 is, by all accounts, a terrestrial serpent, with amazing length, size, and girth. It is traversing a variety of tunnels with no known origin. The majority of tunnels within SCP-722’s enclosure are smooth, however certain patches, especially along the pathways closest to the tail and head of the artifact are marked with a type of Nordic script. 

Every attempt at translation of the text has resulted in failure, and the dialogue seems to predate the establishment in the area through Erik the Red in the middle into the 11th century. There are no records from the past of any settlements that have been previously established in Greenland therefore the origin of the script remains unidentified.

SCP-722 appears to be in a state of long-term sleep, and a large portion of its body has gotten buried in the glacier, possibly as a result of cave-ins, or even parts of the ice’s formation resurfacing over a long period of time. 

Although this normally would be a reason to give it a Euclid rating, SCP-722’s massive dimensions (currently believed to be between 8 and 12 km) could be a threat to nearby cities, or the entire world when its emerges. In addition, the artifact is equipped with powerful defense capabilities. (See the attached document #722-A)

Document #722-A: Unidentified Toxin ‘722’

SCP-722’s skin appears to secrete an extremely potent toxin that is currently undetected by all attempts to identify it. The symptoms are largely random on a case-by-case basis, however, the final outcome is usually death. Every attempt to synthesize an antidote so far has been unsuccessful. In the past, the process of harvesting poison for sample methods or for weaponization has also been unsuccessful. There are more SCP like, SCP 000

The poison is believed to be rapidly degrading after it leaves its host and is essentially useless when it arrives at our laboratory. The process of retrieval has proved to be fatal, no matter the method of handling hazardous materials we have put in place. Due to the reduction in manpower and the difficulty of finding more workers considering the range from this station, we suggest stopping any further testing.