Wed. Jun 19th, 2024
Kahoot Game PIN

Put simply, Kahoot is a creation tool for designing your games. What makes Kahoot stand out from the crowd is its focus on generating educational games.

There’s a vast array of educational games available online, but Kahoot is a free-to-use powerful creation tool giving you the ability to create your games.

If you feel like there’s an area of education left untapped (maybe you need a fun game to show kids the difference between a verb and a noun, and no one has beaten you to it), then you can fill that hole in the market with a creation of your own.

What is a Kahoot game pin?

The Kahoot game pin is a single-use generated code that you use to log in to a live game. Basically, it’s a password you use to access a game you like the look of.

If somebody beat you to the finish line and cracked out that ‘verb vs noun’ game before you got a chance, then you can use a game pin to log in to their game – well, you or your students.

Because that’s why we’re all really here, right? We want to know how to use this in classes to better help our students.

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How to use Kahoot as a teacher?

Using Kahoot as a teacher is a no-brainer. You know that feeling you get when you ‘discover’ something? When you see an actor in a movie or watch a band for the first time, and you think to yourself, ‘yeah, they’re going to be big one day? That feeling of having found them before they blow up? 

In incorporating Kahoot in your classes, you’ll be ahead of the curve, providing your students with access to something that’s on the brink of becoming mainstream within the next few years.

Your students will already be familiar with the systems and software through you have included it in your teaching regime – this will set them up wonderfully for their next step in life, and that’s what teaching is all about, right? provides you with the ability to create your games, as we said; so this means you’ll be able to generate games for mixed ability classes or even target specific skill sets you to want to develop. There really aren’t that many other services providing this function, and certainly not with the ease of access assured by Kahoot.