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In every defence force across the world, health and fitness are one of the top priorities. Being fit and healthy can help the brave officers, soldiers and other professionals serve with their full potential. It is not only helpful physically but also mentally. Fitness teaches discipline, patience and perseverance to anyone who follows it strictly and consistently.


In 1952, a Special Education Officer was appointed, namely John Tett whose duty was to launch a directorate and trade for the enhancement of physical fitness training and sports. Later, he appointed another person called Bill Orban for the advancement and high development of physical fitness. This further led to a few great personal discoveries and realization which helped him improve the fitness sessions to a great extent.

5BX Plan-

The 5BX plan is one of the workout plans developed for the Canadian Armed Forces. It basically means 5 basic exercises divided into 6 levels. The 6 levels are also called 6 charts which have been arranged in an increasing order based on its difficulty. The number 5 is given in terms of the number of exercises present in each level. Every level has 5 exercises which has to be done in a certain amount of time.

To be more specific, the Basic Training exercises mostly consist of calisthenics and the rest is aerobic. Below is a short outline of the exercises performed by the Canadian military. These exercises have a lot more details.

  1. Stretching
  2. Sit-ups
  3. Extension of the back
  4. Push-ups
  5. Running in one place

There is also a special exercise plan developed for women called XBX. These exercises include touching the toes, raising the knees, lateral bending, sit-ups, push-ups, circling of the arms, side leg raises, lifting of the legs etc.

The 5BX exercises have to be completed in 11 minutes every day whereas the XBX has to be done in 12 minutes. With the progress of each and every individual, the number of each and every exercise increases with different time limits. Please share my article and website:

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