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Assist Desk with Supporting Software

Various Channel Support – Manage and determine inquiries from messages, calls, live-visit, tweets, and WhatsApp from a bound-together dashboard.

Give simple admittance to data to your clients with a Brandable Knowledge Base.

Keep a mind your key client care measurements with robotized SLA work processes.

Track your client’s help associations with working in or 30+ CRM mixes

Support clients across different informing applications and Live-talk with a strong AI-Chatbot, NinjaChat, by using Help Desk Support Software.

Ticket Management

Arrange tickets all the more successfully to all the more likely to oversee and sort client care requests using Helpdesk Ticketing System.

·         Order Tickets

·         Focus on Tickets

·         Dole out and Manage Agents

·         Ongoing Tracking

Bots and Live Chat

Offer moment help and tagging through our reconciliation with a live visit (Ninjachat). Deal with all the help demands from your clients and handle their requests in general.

·         Moment Responses

·         Discussion Tickets

·         Dole out Agents

·         Get Feedback

Information Base

Deal with your client’s requests proactively inside your client assistance programming by utilizing a self-administration library before they become issues to limit support tickets.

·         Numerous Section

·         Area Wise

·         Video and Image Library

·         Content Categorization

Helpdesk Automation

Redo conditions and activities inside your client care programming to fabricate robust work processes and permit your group to zero in on additional fundamental errands.

·         Make Flows

·         Robotized Responses

·         Set Rules and Triggers

·         Zapup Nodes

High-level Reports

Acquire essential knowledge into your client support endeavours by breaking down information and deciding on systems for further developing cycles. Log and address client care issues to further develop client fulfilment.

·         Dashboard

·         Download Reports

·         Track KPIs

·         Sifting by Metrics

Contact Management

Deal with your most significant clients and accomplices, coordinate their data in a single spot, track the advancement of ventures, and more…

·         Simple Reply

·         Add Contacts

·         Action Tracking

·         Send out Contacts

Task Management

Focus on your everyday work, delegate assignments to your associates, share documents with clients or colleagues, screen the advancement of your undertaking, and track time spent on each errand.

·         Make and Assign Tasks

·         Focus on Tasks

·         Look at Status

Most help work areas depend on a tagging strategy in which the client gives a ticket containing their solicitation subtleties. After accommodation, the tagging framework guides the pass to the legitimate asset in light of work process suggestions.

Current assistance with overhauling work areas must effectively and precisely answer a persistent flood of client issues. They need programming to assist with monitoring extraordinary issues and issues through tagging frameworks, and an approach to order recently tackled issues, involving the last option as a source of perspective. Doing this is a significant stage to accomplishing exactness and speed in conveying answers to clients’ issues.

The development of present-day brands achieves the need to continually save cost, implying that the help work area proficiency and viability would depend totally on utilizing the product to help assist the work area with staffing and their administration of the executive’s activities.

A few help areas further develop the basic tagging framework in various ways, with AI, examination programming, information focuses, and more. Administration work areas contrast in the stages and correspondence channels; some are only email-based, while others coordinate live talk, video and voice calls, and online entertainment. A help work area is the product that helps your business proficiently deal with information and backing assets with individuals expect that data to take care of their responsibilities better.