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The G-spot is a part that many people feel interesting. Not only the G-spot in women but also the G-spot in men. When you discover and stimulate the opponent’s G-spot will make them feel excited and climax. So what is the G-spot? Where is a woman’s G-spot usually? How to enable the G-spot? Let’s discover G-spot with the cupidboutique blog!

What is G-spot?

The G-spot, also known as the Gräfenber-spot, is believed to be the key to orgasm, especially in women. The G-spot is not a separate organ inside the vagina. It is part of the clitoris. The amount you call the clitoris is the size of a pea, where the labia you usually see is just the tip of the clitoris. According to biological structure, the clitoris is about 10cm. The G-spot is located somewhere in the clitoris inside the body.

Dr. Beverly Whipple first introduced the G-spot after discovering that moving an upward curved finger like a “come here” motion along the inside of the vagina induces an arousal response in women. So she believes the G-spot could be the key to helping women achieve orgasm during sex.

The location and sensation of stimulating the G-spot are different for every woman, and once you find the exact spot, the probability of getting her to the top is very high. So, where is the G-spot? Let’s find out right away about the following part of the article.

Where is a woman’s G-spot usually?

The G-spot can find along the anterior inner wall of the vagina, 2 to 3 cm deep, or the top wall if the woman is lying on her back. The location of the G-spot can vary from person to person; for some women, the G-spot may be higher up or closer to the vagina than for others. However, most women have the same G-spot texture; if you walk along the inner wall of the vagina from the bottom up, you need to go about a third of the way to catch this sensitive spot.

How to find a woman’s G-spot?

How to find the G spot in the vagina? Although there is no definitive conclusion that all women feel arousal when stimulated at the G-spot, most women report that they experience pleasure, even “climax,” when prompted. The G-spot is located on the anterior wall of the vagina.

If she’s lying on her back, try using your fingers with your palm facing the ceiling to explore her G-spot. Gently rub your finger on the vaginal wall and then slowly curl your finger back up. She will bring her knees to her chest to make it easier for your fingers to work.

If you feel her G-spot area is a little rough, you’re on the right track to the G-spot. You’ll feel the tip of your finger touching the G-spot when it comes into contact with a protrusion like the one because it has more tissue and sensory nerves than the surrounding areas.

Sometimes women need to urinate when touching the G-spot, possibly because it is located below the bladder. Therefore, it is complete if you pee before looking for the G-spot.

How to stimulate the G-spot, bring her “to the top.”

First, you can run your fingers gently around the pubic and vaginal area. When a woman is comfortable with her fingers moving in the vaginal area, bend your fingers and rub them very gently with a prolonged, slow intensity, then gradually increase the tempo for her. until she gets excited. At that time, women’s pleasure will push to the extreme and climax.

However, there should be no rush in stimulating the G-spot and no need to do it too quickly. Because of this, it will make the mucus secrete not in time, causing her vagina to be painful. It would help if you used your other hand to place it on the anterior pubic area and press gently. Gentle pressure from the outside can help you stimulate her G-spot better.

Sometimes, girls can discover the G-spot without a partner as this spot can be sensitive and irritating. Girls may find it more comfortable when they are proactive and easy to control.

Use the tongue to stimulate the G point.

To start with the G-spot stimulation with the tongue, you can use your tongue and lips to kiss or stroke around the female’s vaginal area to warm up her body. If you want a comfortable female friend, you can use your tongue to enter the vagina. Curl your tongue and gently bring it until you feel her starting to get stronger; you can increase the intensity until she reaches orgasm.

Stimulating the G-spot with the tongue will help her avoid burning pain because the partner’s saliva has lubricated it. However, it would help if you cleaned your teeth before stimulating the G-spot in this way.

To make it easier to find the G-spot and bring her to the top, try different types of stimulation, such as hard, soft, vibrating, or caressing.

Some notes when stimulating the G point

If you’ve tried all the ways and still can’t find her G-spot, the simplest way is to ask her in love: “Do you like this way?”. However, to create subtlety, especially in the first love. Guys can listen to the sounds and movements of the girls to determine the exact location.

In some cases, it’s impossible to find the G-spot. Don’t worry; a percentage of women still can’t be determined. It is entirely normal. Or you can also visit sex shop to help her climax.

The G-spot is essential in making love more passionate and giving her ecstatic joy. But in addition to the G-spot, men need to create a romantic space and activate other sensitive positions to add pleasure. Perfect love for the feeling of attachment and harmony in love. Therefore, sexual relations need harmony and loving connection from both sides. From there, maintain a long-term and stable love relationship.