Surely for bettors, the name Fun88 is too familiar. Because this is the leading bookmaker today and is played by many people.  It is an online bookmaker, betting online. This bookie is operated by the OG GLOBAL ACCESS LIMITED group and is licensed to do business in the betting industry in the Philippines by PAGCOR. 

Which country’s Fun88 bookie?

There are many players who do not learn carefully about the information about the house they participate in betting. Since then, players have had to lose money scammed from illegal organizations. Currently, there are many bookmakers on the market. However, not all websites are licensed or operate transparently. That also makes many players wonder about Fun88 a lot. There are also some gamers who don’t know which country Fun88 is from? Or is this house legal or not?

Fun88 is operated legally and licensed by the Philippine government 

Fun88 is a bookmaker licensed by the Philippine government to operate. The house is legally certified by the Isle of Man and Pagcor Gambling Commission in the field of betting. This important certificate helps people feel more secure when participating in betting at Fun88. The house has all the necessary documents and conditions to operate in the betting field. 

In addition, many people may not know that First Cagayan is a reputable certification in online betting. Because in order to receive this license, the bookies have to go through rigorous appraisal stages. Not all bookmakers are granted this type of operating license from the government. Therefore, Fun88 is one of the reputable and quality bookies for players to participate in.

Is the Fun88 house a scam?

If the player already knows the above information about the country’s Fun88 bookie. Then you will no longer have to worry about the scams of this bookie. However, players should be sure to visit the correct Fun88 website. Thus, your participation in online betting games will be much safer.

Additionally, there are currently a number of rumors related to the Fun88 house cheating players. Please be a wise player and carefully study the information before commenting. Because the house is not only granted official operating licenses. Besides, the Philippine government always guarantees as well as penalizes illegal acts.

Some of the causes of rumors are unfair competition. Or some players do not understand the rules of the house for gamers. Therefore, there are incorrect rumors about the house that worry players. Fun88 has lost a number of players with this incorrect information.

How to bet at Fun88?

To participate in betting at the Fun88 house, players need to register an account. If you don’t have an account, you can follow these instructions:

Step 1: Access the Fun88 bookie

First, you need to visit the homepage of the Fun88 bookie. Players need to pay attention to accessing the right website to avoid being scammed and losing money unjustly. Then, on the toolbar of the interface you choose to click on the registration section. Immediately, the screen will display to another home page. Register Fun88 account at

Creating an account at Fun88 is very easy to enjoy the entertaining moment

Step 2: Fill in customer information

Here, players need to fill in all the information that the house requires. In particular, you should provide accurate personal information. Because in case of any problems, the bookie will contact you through this information.

In addition, players should choose a username and password that is easy to remember or familiar. Thus, you will avoid forgetting your Fun88 account login password. From there, access to betting games will be faster. It only takes a few minutes for you to successfully register an account at the Fun88 house.

What do players think about Fun88?

The most effective and sure way to help players verify the safety of Fun88 is to listen to opinions from players. Most of the comments are that this house has a beautiful interface. Professional customer care service, fast deposit and withdrawal ability. You are completely assured of entertainment in the house without worrying about anything.

Fun88 attracts many betting players to join 

Summary of some reviews about Fun88 online as follows:

  • “Just set up an account, haven’t bet much, but F88 makes a strong impression on its interface. Beautiful colors, easy to find, especially in Vietnamese. I’ve also won several bets but never tried to withdraw money. However, I still believe in the house.”
  • “Been a customer of Fun88 for 4 years now and have never had any difficulties. Just be honest when you set up an account, you won’t be able to withdraw money. I see people keep saying Fun88 is a scam but that’s just their personal opinion. For whatever reason, I don’t know, but I shouldn’t spread such rumors.”
  • “I think it’s hard to find a quality bookie like fun88. because there are so many games here that it is easy to register an account. Just withdrew to a card of more than 7 million bets, nothing has been verified. In general, trust and satisfaction”.

With the above information, we all know the essence of Fun88 as well as understand the general legal basis of this house. There is no reason for you to be skeptical or hesitant when planning to register information. account from the house again. Hope that you can enjoy the entertaining and exciting moment at this bookie.