Sun. May 26th, 2024
People problems, poverty.

Poetry lies between the great deep ocean of reality, and the acute imagery of expanded inspirational minds; transformed into streams of perfect harmony, engulfed by emblematic words with captivate illusive rhyme, and whether the day is high or low, creative poetry present the most unique language in unimaginable picturesque thoughts of treasured scenery.

People problems, poverty.

Anyone can compose a poem, but the rhapsody which garnished the originality of thought pattern, is a invaluable gift that can only be describe as enviable; Poetry create the art which forms part of the human language in literature, having strong roots that has gallantly wriggled through centuries.

Urdu poetry is an authentic expression that employs meter and rhythmic sound to evoke the awareness of emotions and appeal to our sense of gratitude and grace. Nostalgia becomes reminiscent of monochrome jazz tunes, and hazy days flung in laughter of summer heather, with pig tales and pony tales burned by the sum of fun.

There are many definitions of poetry given in history, borne from the talents of numerous individuals, and given to society to embody the elements of classic romanticism, that we in the modern commercial day, has come to appreciate the contribution of indescribable feelings, which embraces the spontaneous flow of passion and beauty.

Poetry in words can sometimes be defining undulating dimensions, alluding to how a person feels when they are broken hearted, sad, joyful, funny, dark and witty, hilarious and friendly with inspirational paradoxes. Poetry can mean lots of things to lots people, and the humor which makes one individual laugh, can also be dramatized in grief.

What is poetry?

Love is poetry in the deepest debt of humanity, the taste so sweet will be repeated in the schools and in the library for another thousand years, and when those triumphant feats are over, we will start again to write with our hands and with our feet, until the fragrance of light illuminates our eternal abode.

It is a special poetic language, with the use of words to convey the emotive pictures which lies between the soul and the spirit, and by revelation we receive a brief insight to have further understanding of the artistry message employed to unveil hidden truth. In poetry the fusion of argument and analogies are distinctly recognize, making what the poet implies appear with new ideas of vigor and ploy, sometimes depicting the stylistic phantom to heal the mind and overcome the perception of fear, and divide the options of how to claim the right direction.

Poetry is creative expression in laughter and fun, it keeps the mind on the run, with charming inspiration taking you on the trip, with pen and paper and brush to canvas, the mind paints the art of imagery, with each verse bares part of the soul, and cuts across barriers to plunge in the ravine of passion and memory. Poetry is the portrait unfolding hidden lives, like roads with mistakes paved with treasures, and when the treasures are found they are reminiscent in absorbing emotions, with the intensity of breathtaking moments in vibrant colors of beauty.

Creative poetry is a mixture of illusion and imagination o bring the splendor of seducing enchantment, woven with precision of timing to harmonies the thoughts mirror sketches moving into perfection. Poetry is a thing of beauty dancing amidst the halo of stars, watched my the day star fading into immaculate sunset, trampled over a crescendo of emotional waves crashing against the embrace rocks, then slowly retreating back out to sea with endearing grace adjacent to finesse and charm.

Poets use unequal metaphors for description to enrich smiles and sorrow, and even to cause humans to laugh so hard that death would have to fight the power of love which hangs over hungry pleasure. Emotions is the best way to express our feelings of bliss or regrets, aligning conceptual acquaintance with nature, complex lifestyle, structural irony, composition of words in sentences and paragraphs.

Foreshadowing the presentation of moods and encompassed style and characteristics, with textual farce and natural emphasis applied in the irony of rhythmic metaphor, in poetry we have the speech of kings and the powers of queens to steal a moment from our time using the similarities to enrich the rhetorical concept and distinguish all that is there which appear in the consistence of figurative speech.

The process of writing poetry is simply and easy to explain, it is presented in verses and connotation making the headlines, with corrections to snatch the use of our own judgment and clothe what is considered to be indiscretion of warnings; what we see in a poem is not all that is clustered in the dream, but as we focus on victory or terror, we get nearer to the road of knowledge, until we are almost home with wisdom.