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Surely for betting people, AE888 is too familiar because this is the leading bookmaker today and is played by many people. However, for newcomers, this name is sometimes unfamiliar. Therefore, in this article, we will learn about what AE888 is as well as whether this bookie is reputable enough for you to participate in betting or not.

What is AE888?

AE888 is Asia’s leading online entertainment and betting house. Provide many attractive games such as sports betting, live casino, cockfighting, slot games, esports, online lottery…

AE888 is the leading bookmaker currently

At the AE888 house, players can bet on many different games, specifically: football betting, sports betting, virtual sports betting, ESport betting, online casino,… This works completely based on the principle of the law so there will never be a scam to players. AE888 always puts the interests of the players first with higher payout ratio and lots of promotions at all times. 

Who is AE888 owned and in which country?

AE888 is a bookmaker licensed by the Philippine government to operate legally in the betting industry and is licensed by Pagcor license, Gambling Commission and MGA License. With this license, AE888 is fully qualified to organize completely legal betting games. Just like with the strictness of this legal document, you can completely trust the credibility of AE888 when betting. Because if you violate anything, this house will be subject to such an extremely heavy penalty.

This bookie is operated by Venus Casino group and is licensed to do business in the betting industry in the Philippines by PAGCOR.

AE888 is operated under the permission of the Philippine government

In addition, AE888 has also been granted the IOM online game certificate by the Entertainment Testing Group located in Australia. Therefore, players can rest assured when participating in betting without worrying about being caught. The house operates with the purpose of bringing financial benefits to players. 

Should players choose AE888 to bet or not?

Currently, on the market there is no shortage of bookmakers that you can join such as f8bet0 casino, jun88…. However, when it comes to the most reputable and recommended bookie, AE888 is always on the list. 

  • It is licensed in the betting field, so you can be assured of the credibility of this house.
  • In the Vietnamese market, AE888 has created its own brand, when according to statistics, this is one of the bookies with the largest number of players today. So you can always join the betting games with other players easily. 
  • This bookie is owned by extremely large corporations, as evidenced by this bookie being the main sponsor of the top teams in the English Premier League. So you are completely assured of where your financial situation is.
  • AE888 always ensures fairness as well as protects the interests of players the most. This bookmaker is extremely rarely blocked by network operators in Vietnam, so you can always play at any time. If you are blocked, you can find the safe sub-link of this bookie at immediately. Because this is AE888’s strategic partner in Vietnam.
  • There are many interesting betting games for players. 
  • Its interface is also designed extremely beautifully and attractively and so that you can experience the games in the best way.
  • The payout rate of this bookmaker can also be said to be higher than other bookies on the market
  • Currently, AE888 is using the leading technology platform in the world, so when you play here, you will never be afraid of revealing your personal information or losing your account.
  • AE888 also launched AE888 Mobile, so you can play on the mobile platform easily
  • When playing at this bookie, depositing or withdrawing money is also very easy. AE888 offers a variety of payment methods as well as banking for players.
  • Players always receive 24/7 support by the customer care department here when encountering any problems.

How to play at AE888?

Becoming a player of AE888 house is not difficult at all. You just need to access the system, ask to create an account. After that account is confirmed, you make a deposit and proceed to bet on your favorite games. Immediately after winning the bet, you can easily withdraw money to your account within just an hour. Register AE888 at

Please note that in the process of creating an account, you need to provide all the information that the house requires. In order to give the most accurate information, the new bookie will verify and support you to set up an account as quickly as possible. At the same time, never reveal your login information, to avoid fraudsters taking advantage of fraud.

In this article, we have learnt about what AE888 is. This is a reputable and recommended bookmaker for betting with many different games. Hopefully with the things that we share above, you will find the necessary information for you.