Tue. Apr 16th, 2024
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After the Hurricane Ike catastrophe, you battled with the insurance company over your property insurance claim. For one or more reasons, you know you aren’t getting what you deserve. What is the issue? You’ve been denied, underpaid, or you’re just tired of endless delays.

You have your reasons for wanting someone to take on your fight and get the job done. A Public Insurance Adjuster is the choice you’ve made. Experience is key; Public insurance adjuster in Port St Lucie Florida has the knowledge and training to successfully represent your interests and maximize your insurance claim. Public Adjusters work on your behalf so you receive the best possible settlement.

They maximize your recovery by representing your interests. Your insurance company will recognize the Public Adjuster as your representative because they are licensed by the State Insurance Department. A Public Adjuster will prepare all necessary estimates and inventories of damage that are required to document your claim. Public Adjusters will assist you in fulfilling all policy requirements and demands made by your company.

Public Adjusters will meet with the insurance company representatives and handle all details and negotiations essential to you receiving a proper settlement. You are informed of the progress and status of your claim regularly.

When you have a Public Adjustment firm representing your interests in the claim process, you don’t just have one specialist representing you, you have a team. You will have an experienced specialist arrive to evaluate your contents and substantiate the claim. You will also have an experienced building estimator review any structural damage and provide real-world estimates for replacing what is damaged.

Additionally, you will have a licensed Public insurance adjuster in Port St Lucie Florida who is a skilled negotiator to represent your interests at all meetings with company adjusters. This team approach will ensure that you leave nothing behind in your claim, and you will be fully reimbursed in the shortest time possible. Since we have worked with many insurance company adjusters over the years, we have an established rapport with them, making the adjustment process go smoothly.

Now, how to make the right choice?

Here are 5 tips:

  1. Will the Public Insurance Adjuster be there for you? Do not be put off that a Public Adjuster may be from out of state. There simply isn’t enough “hometown” experience to handle all the issues after a hurricane or other catastrophe. However, will that person be there for you for the duration? This you must know. Be wary of someone who will just “sign and run” your insurance claims case.
  1. Has the Public Insurance Adjuster handled 100s or 1000s of claims across multiple insurance companies? There is strength in experience. Not all cases are the same. And, negotiating with lots of insurance companies, not just a handful, will be very important in getting you the settlement you deserve.
  1. How many different groups will you have to interact with? Make sure your Public Adjuster can handle all your needs under one company. It is important that your insurance claims “Team” all pull together for your needs. Usually, fighting your cause takes a Public Adjuster sale and negotiating person, a person who is top-notch at property damage assessment and inventory valuation, and so forth. Make sure everyone is part of the Public Adjuster’s company and not outsourced. Outsourced people may have different loyalties.
  1. Check for testimonials and references. When people are satisfied with the outcome of their property claim battle, they are often willing to share great feelings and results with others.
  1. Check that the Public Insurance Adjuster is licensed in your state. They must be licensed in your particular state.

Public insurance adjusters are engaged by you and are on your side. A public insurance adjuster is an expert at reviewing your claim, determining if there is more money on the table for you, and negotiating with the insurance company to get you all the money you deserve.