Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

How exactly do you go about concealing texts within the 4Chan app now that you are familiar with the process? On 4Chan, users can send messages in black. Within the scope of this post, we will demonstrate how to use the Black Text functionality available on 4chan spoilers. On 4Chan, one can read the full version of the narrative and the black text.

4chan is a message board centered on photographs and allows users to post comments and share images. A mobile application quickly provides a synopsis of a film or television show. Therefore, to maintain the attention of the general public, specific texts ought to be shaded in black. A black background guarantees that no one can read the reader.

You can utilize the “4chan spoilers” tags available on 4Chan’s discussion boards to conceal the most vital details. This tag uses a dark background to hide the content, making it nearly impossible for a human to understand what is being sent. Because both the backdrop and the text are black, it is not feasible to read the text until you move your mouse pointer over it.

How to Make Your Text Black on 4Chan

To accomplish this, use the 4Chan app and enter in black text as described further down in this paragraph.

  • Navigate to the 4chan website by opening a web browser on your PC.
  • Choose the boards you want from the complete list of boards.
  • To respond to a comment or question, either clicks the “Reply” button next to the image or the “Comments” button.
  • Before submitting this form, please include your name, subject, and email address.
  • In the comment section, insert the tag [Spoiler] to activate the Spoiler warning.
  • Consequently, enter the words you desire to display in a dark font.
  • Type /spoiler at the prompt to close the spoiler tag.
  • Click the “Submit” button whenever you want to add a comment.

Following these procedures will make accessing 4chan spoilers as simple as possible.

What exactly is 4chan?

4chan is a website where you may discuss movies, video games, and TV shows. This website first went live in 2003 and became prominent immediately after its launch. The ability to control music, video games, and other media from a single spot is only one of many benefits offered by this product.

The user’s consistent contribution of new information and feedback helps to maintain a constant flow of visitors to the website. It has also brought to light the possibility of animal cruelty being committed.

On this website, anyone can comment or upload an image without being required to provide any personally-identifying information. There is a vast selection of message boards for users to discuss various topics, including video games, anime, Japanese culture, and other related issues. As was previously mentioned, there would be no requirement for registration or any different process to be completed to comment on or submit a photograph to the website.

Hiding spoilers

If you’re wary of being exposed to 4chan spoilers, there is a technique to block them. Take advantage of the spoiler tags if you do not wish to post any spoilers in the primary discussion thread. On a background of pitch darkness, the hidden lettering is displayed. To reveal what is being concealed, you need only highlight the text to show what is hidden below it. This strategy is successful in dealing with the vast majority of spoilers.

The keyboard shortcut CTRL+S can be used to hide posts, preventing them from being published if they contain spoilers. If you use this fast cut, spoiler tags will be added to your posts immediately after they are published. You could, for instance, restrict posts that contain the words “Ed” or “ED,” given that people who use these terms tend to overstate how enthusiastic they are about the world2ch website.

On 4Chan, the pipe keys can also be used to conceal content that contains spoilers. Utilize the pipe character to keep the text hidden from the view of other people. Even if you cannot locate the pipe keys, it is still feasible to indicate spoilers. There will be menus that pop up. The feature that allows users of 4chan to hide spoilers from view has recently been rolled out.

Ways to Prevent 4chan Spoilers

If you use 4chan, there’s a good chance you’ve run into this problem at some point. Users who haven’t watched the movie or read the book risk being let down if they come across one of these spoiler-filled messages and choose to read it. Continue reading to acquire the knowledge you need to protect yourself.

There are three different courses of action that enthusiastic TV and movie talkers like yourself can take to avoid being exposed to 4chan spoilers. If you do not want to view spoilers, you can replace them with the pipe character. After selecting the text, a menu will become available to you.


We hope that you will find the material presented here helpful and that, after reading it, you can generate some suggestions for blacking out text on 4Chan.