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CapCut Creative Suite is a collection of different tools for editing your photos and videos more dramatically. Its main components include an online photo editor, an online video editor, free personal and commercial templates, watermark-free downloads, team management, cloud backup space, etc. To take the benefit of all these components, let’s dig deeper into this incredible editor and learn more about it. If you’re new here and don’t know much about this creative suite, this article explains it in detail. By exploring the details of its main components, this suite would enable you to use it for making impressive transformations.  

Main Components of CapCut Creative Suite

This CapCut creative suite comes with the following main components that help you create dramatic masterpieces from ordinary photos and videos. 

  • Customize Videos for Free

The first component of this incredible online suite is its online video editor. In this editor, you will get a great range of impressive tools to edit and customize your videos. The videos that you create here using its premium video editing tools have a higher chance of going viral.  These videos that you transform using this editor catch greater attention of others and generate a higher level of engagement through them.  

For example, it allows you to remove the boring, lifeless, and dull background of your videos. Then, you can set a new background for your video that looks more appealing to the eyes and catches greater attention. Similarly, you can take different short clips and create a slideshow by joining them into one track. You can also add interactive transitions among different scenes to give a more professional look to your video. Besides, there are many other creative tools such as adjusting colors, adding frames, filters, and much more to your videos to make them go viral. 

  • Enhance Images Effect

The second most important component of this incredible creative suite is its online image editor. This image editor is empowered with AI-based magic tools such as one-click color optimizer, one-click background remover, etc. There is also a huge variety of creative tools to make magical transformations to your photos. It also allows you to add the most interactive text lines, slogans, logos, or descriptions to your photos. In this way, you can briefly tell your audience what your photos are about. Hence, using these text effects adds a more meaningful touch to your photos. 

On the other hand, there are shapes and stickers to make this text more interactive and more prominent. For example, you can add an arrow from a text to a photo to create a link between the text and the photo. Similarly, this online photo editor also allows you to crop your photo in any ratio and resize it as well as any size you want.  

  • Magic Tools

Besides offering you the above-discussed tools, this creative suite brings so much more. To your surprise, it brings all those tools that an editor needs to create viral photos and videos. From portrait generator, image upscale, and video upscaler, to converting text to speech, it brings everything. In addition, you can also use AI-based color adjustments to make your photos and videos more visually attractive and engaging. 

  • Free Templates for Commercial & Personal Use

In addition, you can also find hundreds of free templates on this creative suite for personal and commercial use. Suppose that you own an e-commerce website and need a template to promote your product. So, all you need is to visit this online creative suite and search for the business templates or product marketing templates here. The results will show a great variety of such templates in different designs. You can easily choose one of those templates that you find the most suitable and perfect one to sell your product. Then, edit it as per your product needs and download it to your device to share it anywhere you want. For example, if you need to make a transcript in a few minutes when you are in a meeting, you can transcribe video to text, which will be done within a few minutes and greatly improve efficiency.

  • No Watermarks

Upon downloading the templates, photos, or videos that you customize here, you will notice that they don’t contain any watermark. Yes, this is the beauty and point of using this free editor, it offers you everything free and then also gives you all the credit. In this way, you can feel free to share your customized templates and transformed videos or photos anywhere. No one can even guess that you have made these dramatic transformations by using an online creative suite. 

  • Effective Team Management

Another important component of this creative suite is that it supports effective team management online. Here, this suite allows you to send the invitation links to your friends and coworkers to join this space. When they join it, you can share different roles with them, e.g. owner or collaborator. Then, each one of you can use this suite to share the videos you create here as presentations via sharing their links. Similarly, you can also share the links of your videos for reviewing purposes from your team members. In this way, this space allows you to collaborate and produce greater outcomes. 

  • Cloud Backup

Last but not least, it helps you create a backup for your photos and videos using the cloud space. In this way, you can preserve these beautiful transformations that you make here using this online editor. Later, these files are synchronized to all your devices, and you can use any device to access them online. Similarly, you can also edit, make further customizations, and share these saved files from the cloud anywhere you want. 

How to use CapCut Creative Suite?

Using this creative Suite by CapCut consists of only the following four steps. 

  • Step 1: Create an Account

First, visit the and click on the search box. Then, type there “CapCut Creative Suite” and click the search button. The results will show the CapCut creative suite in the top results. By clicking on it, you will move to this editor’s main page. Then, use the “Signup for Free” button there and create your account for quick sign-in. 

  • Step 2: Upload Photo/Video

Under tools, you will find an online video editor and online photo editor. Click on any one of these and move to their main workspace. Then, use the upload button there to upload any of your photos or videos for making transformations. 

  • Step 3: Customize Your Files

For customizing your photos, you will use multiple premium photo/video editing tools to transform your content. For example, you can add multiple clips to a slideshow, make color adjustments, add filters and effects, etc. You can also use many other professional editing tools and features to make your photos and videos stand out. 

  • Step 4: Save the Results

Lastly, go to the export button and click download to save the final results. 


Without a doubt, this suite brings the easiest way to convert dull photos/videos into the most interactive ones. Why compromise on the aesthetics of your photos and videos when you can use CapCut Creative Suite for free? It comes up with the most interactive tools and components to offer you a fully-featured online space for editing. You can use various creative tools that can make dramatic transformations to your poor or visually dull photos. So, use this creative suite for impressive edits and surprise your loved ones with amazing results.

By Richard Maxwell

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