Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

With the rapid advancements taking place in technology today, the security risks associated with these advancements have increased manifold. When we talk about security risks, they can be many, but the most common ones are cyber security issues. For any app developer, it is vital to ensure that during every step of app development, there is a high amount of security attached, otherwise, your app may be at the threat of hackers. DevSecOps is an approach, which deals with providing security to applications.

Security has become a vital part of app development & you surely cannot compromise on it in any case. For developers who deal with sensitive data like passwords & bank details, security is the first and the foremost thing that plays the most important role. Because if you ignore it, the consequences can be disheartening. You cannot afford to lose clients, just because of certain security threats & lack of efficient security teams. Following are some of the benefits you can achieve through DevSecOps:

  • Ensure cost savings: A lot of money can be wasted, when you get a security issue in any of your processes, because it may take a lot of people, and time to solve the issue. But, when you make use of the DevSecOps approach, you are bound to get fruitful results, since there is the least possibility of facing any kind of security issue. Therefore, you don’t need to spend any extra money to solve the problem relating to a security threat. It eliminates any kind of unnecessary things & duplicacy in your website & makes it more original & tough to hack than before. To get the best out of your business processes, it’s vital to Inculcate the approach of DevSecOps in your organization.
  • Builds uptight security: With the help of DevSecOps, cyber security is introduced into the application development process from the very beginning & it is constantly revised to make sure no new threats occur. It helps with detecting any kind of security threat in each step of the process, and if any threat or problem is found, it gets resolved immediately, to avoid the problem from becoming more widespread. The synchronization of efforts between the development, security & operation teams leads to the achievement of quality results without compromising on the quality in any way. This way, they can concentrate more on crucial activities, rather than fixing new issues every time.
  • Changes with change in needs: A security method that may have worked in 2000, will not work in 2022, so organizations need something that can change over time, without affecting the security problem in any way. To solve this problem, DevSecOps is the best approach to go for, since it adapts to the changing environment & repeats itself with the needs. To have the best utilization of DevSecOps, organizations need to use it most effectively, through proper automation & integration of processes.

From all the above-mentioned benefits, you can witness the benefits associated with DevSecOps and how helpful it can be for appsec.

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