Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

E-cigs have evolved a lot since they first came into the market. Disposable vapes like Elux legend 3500 puffs are one of the advanced forms of e-cigarettes. There are many pods, mods, and reusable or rechargeable vape devices. Some of them can also be recharged, but they are not as common as non-rechargeable disposables.

Despite all the different varieties and versions of vape devices, why these vapes should be chosen for use? There are many reasons why disposables stand out among all the others. Some of these are mentioned here:

Safer than others:

The primary reason for using vape devices is that they are safer than conventional cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes produce many harmful chemicals that destroy your health and others, too, but e-cigs or vapes do not lead to these severe diseases. Vape devices are 95% safer than regular cigarettes.

Passive Smoking:

Vaping does not cause immense harm to those around the user as much as smoking does. The risk of second-hand smoking is greatly reduced by vaping. The clouds produced by vape devices have a meagre effect on those surrounding you.

Environmental Effect:

Cigarette smoke contains a lot of toxic chemicals, out of which many are carcinogens. These chemicals harm not only those around you but also the environment. Vaping does not lead to leaving such worse impacts on the environment. 

The air, water, and soil pollution are reduced by a great deal as there are no residues left by using vapes like cigarette butts. Vape devices are made of glass or plastic, which are recyclable materials. By using vapes, you are contributing to the betterment of society.

Slim and Stylish:

Vape kits are small and slim devices. The slick designs of these devices make you look dandy. They are available in a pen-like shape and many other playful and stylish designs.


They are small and portable devices. You can easily carry them anywhere. They are easy to store and can fit in your pocket or drawer. Disposables can be kept on a table or in your pen holders. There is no need to worry about its storage maintenance.

Low Maintenance:

One of the best things about disposable vape devices like Elf bar 1500 is that they do not need any maintenance. They are low-maintenance devices and are really easy to use.

Easy to Use:

Disposable vape devices are user-friendly. They do not require any technical knowledge to use them properly. You just need to draw puffs from it and start enjoying it. Usually, people who newly switched from smoking to vaping prefer disposable vape kits as they are not only easy to use but also pocket-friendly.


Disposables are discarded after use as they can not be refilled, and you can not replace their parts. When the e-liquid is fully used, or the battery or the coil becomes useless, it is time to replace your vape device. Buying and discarding disposable vape devices one after the other is still within a reasonable price range. They are cheaper than a pack of cigarettes. 

Affordable by Everyone:

Since these devices are available at an economical price, everyone can access them. Many Best vape Shop online in the UK offer them at an affordable price. You can easily purchase a vape kit and enjoy your hobby for as long as you want.

Diversity of Flavours:

A large variety of flavours is available in disposable vape devices. You can take turns and explore all the flavours offered. This exciting and fantastic variety makes your vaping experience more enthralling.

These vape devices offer you an exciting and alluring experience. Once you have had a taste of them, you will be hooked on them. Vaping makes it easy for you to quit smoking and get out of nicotine addiction. Hopefully, this blog summarises a lot of reasons why you should choose disposable vapes.