There are five modules of Online Cake delivery in AhmedabadWe can easily order and deliver cakes at our home without any hurdle. The process of ordering cake is quiet and convenient. We can easily place our order by sitting at home or in our comfort zone. If we compare online shops with local shops, we can see more options in front of us. Online bakery shops confuse us with a bunch of varieties of cakes, and along with it, they provide us with different flavors and designs. In the local bakery, we have to choose from limited cake resources. People say a local bakery is time-consuming in compare with an online bakery. Online shopping provides home delivery without going out of the house as long you don’t need to worry about the order because they provide a tracking system through which you can get the status of your order on your mobile phone.

Price Module 

  • Price module decides the module of cake of Online Cake Order in Ahmedabad. 
  • Sometimes when you want to select a cake of your choice and want it badly, the main problem comes when it goes out of your budget.
  • While ordering a cake that is in your budget but still thinking of a makeover budget, you go to another online bakery shop.
  • The cake prices can be shown as 50 Rupees to 1000 Rupees or above.
  • The cakes’ prices mainly depend upon the cake’s size and weight.
  • Suppose, if you buy 1 KG cake, that will cost you 700 to 800, depending on the weight.
  • Different types of cakes are available in online bakery shops for every occasion or event compared to the local bakery.

Cake Order Module

  • It’s a straightforward process to order your favorite cakes from both places at your convenience. 
  • Online shops have more cakes available on their display than local shops, and if we want to make a cake of our choice, we have to order it in advance. 
  • As soon as you order the cake, you have to pay the money for your ordered cake. You will be provided with two options in front of your desktop: first will be the Debit Card option, in which payment will be directly deducted from your account itself, and the second is Cash On Delivery option, in which you have to pay money for your cake order when it reaches your door. 
  • Many people find the first option more convenient than the second option, whereas many find the second option safer as they don’t want to risk their money. 
  • The fear of fraud is also in mind, which can’t be easily removed. 

Custom cake Module

We can easily customize our cake according to our preference through Online Cake orders in Ahmedabad. We can also customize our cake with a photo cake for a birthday boy or girl. For the customized cake, you need to place your order in advance as they need some time to prepare it. You can also make some unique cakes like heart shape cakes for your wife on valentine’s day. With a customized cake, you can also go with some beautiful or unique thoughts written on the cake. Everyone wishes to have a different and unique cake for their special day to make it more memorable.

Rewards and Discount Module

In online shopping, you can get many rewards and discounts, which can help you later. On festival occasions, you can get up to 20% to 30 % discount at the time of order. Sometimes they provide rewards if you have made any online payment. In the local bakery, no such promo codes, rewards, or Discount is provided to their customers. Suppose you are new to an online bakery shop, and they give you a welcome bonus for your first shopping with them.

Notification through SMS and email Module

  • At the time of delivery of your order, these online companies send you notifications through SMS or Email.
  • With the help of SMS and email, you can quickly get to know about the order of your product.
  • Sending SMS is the best way to inform your customers to stay at home and receive the orders that they have ordered.

Last Words. 

It’s a straightforward and essential module to understand Online Cake delivery in PatnaIn today’s world, online marketing is more successful as compared to local stores in the market.