Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Businesses need to be kept safe. Although UK crime rates significantly dropped during the lockdowns, security measures are still vital.  

Now life is slowly returning to normal, how can you best protect your business and secure your livelihood? 

We take a look at the security measure you should take to ensure your business is secure in the future.  

High quality locks 

The first security measure you should take is to invest in high-quality locks that can’t be tampered with.  

If you have a retail premises, you might also want shutters with good locks as an additional business security measure. 

A robust alarm system 

To protect your business premises from unwanted intruders, you will need a robust alarm system.  

Invest in one that communicates with your local police station when triggered. That way, you can ensure that if a security breach happens, it will be investigated.  

Cloud Security Practices

When you are on Google’s cloud-based infrastructure, gcp penetration testing is a required process for companies seriously considering cloud deployment. Vulnerability testing is an important part of any security program, but it is even more important in the cloud because cloud environments are shared resources that reside outside a company’s firewall.

Motion sensor technology 

Using PIR sensors to track motion is a fantastic idea to complement your alarm system as the sensors are able to track movement which when used from a business perspective can trigger alarms when they sense movement when there shouldn’t be.  More information can be found about PIR sensors here.

CCTV recording devices 

Closed-circuit television cameras are an essential piece of a business’s security measures.  

CCTV helps you track the comings and goings of staff and customers. Plus, it helps you to identify and record security threats should there be a security breach.  

Security trained staff 

Whether you employ security personnel or simply train your employees in security procedures, it is vital that all team members are trained.  

Trained staff will be better equipped to take care of your business in your absence.  

Secure trading premises 

Before signing a contract on your business premises, ensure it is safe and secure to at least a basic level.  

Check the locks, windows, glass and anything else that might pose a security risk thoroughly.  

Impenetrable safe or locker 

You will need to secure your high-value products and cash at all times, especially at times when your business is not staffed.  

A robust safe or security locker is an important investment for the security of your goods. Invest in one that cannot be broken into for maximum security.  

Keeping your business secure might feel like a daunting task. But if you break it down into easy to manage parts, you’ll soon have all the security measure you need in place.  

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