Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

The solar mounting system, also referred as solar module racking, is used for fixing the solar panels on various surfaces such as building facades, ground or the roof. The mounting systems provide retrofitting of solar panel on surfaces like roofs or on the structure of the building. The mounting systems are essential for the right design and functioning of solar photovoltaic system. The mounting systems tend to provide structural support which is needed for sustaining solar panels at the optimum tilt and it also affects overall temperature of system.

There are several manufacturers that produce and sell top quality solar energy products. If you have a requirement for the different solar related products such as solar mounting system then you must pick the most reliable vendor with the necessary expertise for your purchase. The Xiamen Mibet New Energy Co. Ltd. is one of the most reliable names in the industry for solar projects and solar related products.

The advantages of solar floating system

The FPV or solar floating system from Mibet, is the type of solar power plant which essentially floats on the water. It can be integrated in the lake, pond, or the reservoir. This type of solar system comes with numerous advantages and benefits. We take a brief look.

With the floating solar system, there is no need for any land space. The land spaces and resources are shrinking so with the floating system you don’t have to rely on land space for the installation of the solar powered systems. Beyond that, the solar floating systems contribute towards increased power generation. This is because, as is with the case with numerous electronic items, with higher temperatures there is decreased power output thereby affecting the productivity of the solar system. With solar floating system, you don’t tend to face this issue. The cooling effect provided by the solar floating system helps in increasing the power generation by about 11%.

The floating solar systems also contribute towards, lesser evaporation and algae bloom. The shade that is provided by the floating solar panels helps in reducing algae and water loss that is caused by evaporation, thereby helping in protecting water resources. The floating solar system is also easy to maintain, and it also helps in reducing the dust pollution. The easy maintenance provided by the solar floating systems help in cleaning of solar panels much more easily. It is also convenient for electric consumption for the nearby cities or villages that don’t have access to water bodies.

Choosing Mibet energy for your solar installations

Mibet energy is a reliable high-tech company with considerable expertise in research, development, manufacturing as well as sales of solar energy products. The solar floating system from is made using high density polyethylene also known as HDPE. The optimized structure of the floater plus simplified splice design helps in increasing installation efficiency and reduces the cost of installation while also ensuring structural strength remains the same.