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Visco-elastic or memory foam is a material that’s used to reduce the pressure and intensity of gravity in plane seats. It was initially developed for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, (NASA), in 1966. Its benefits and advantages were quickly recognized by the medical sector.

The material was eventually sold to a publicly traded company in the 1990s. In its early stages, however, it was extremely expensive to manufacture. New ways to make it more affordable have been developed over time, thanks to its commercialization.

Memory foam’s ability to adapt to the curves and contours of the body made it stand out in every market it entered. It was the mattress that made history. It is still an important part of modern life for many because of its many advantages.

Why Would You Choose A Memory Foam Mattress?

1. Memory Foam Offers Pressure Relief

You are subject to gravity’s downward pull as well as the upward pressure exerted by your Queen Size Mattress while you sleep.

A standard innerspring mattress can cause uncomfortable pressure points in the hips and shoulders. Your body’s pressure when you sleep on a traditional spring mattress is concentrated at certain points, which can lead to discomfort in other areas and even muscle tightness.

Memory foam is equipped with a temperature sensitivity function, which helps in pain relief. These tiny variations make the foam more comfortable in painful areas. Its pressure point alleviation function facilitates better sleep.

2. Memory Foam Is Beneficial To The Back

Memory foam mattresses have a 50% reduction in pressure on the body due to their ability to adapt to it. A memory foam mattress that provides good support to the spine will help with spinal alignment.

The long-term benefit to the sleeper is that it helps to prevent spinal disorders, regardless of position.

The contouring aspect of the mattress is enabled by its modification based on body weight and the memory foam’s temperature-sensitive substance.

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3. Memory Foam Absorbs And Isolates Motion

With all the possible interruptions to your sleep, it is much more difficult for you to sleep well when you sleep with your spouse or with your pet.

Light sleepers may find a full memory foam mattress to be the best, because it prevents motion transfer. Because it isolates motion, your lover can move in and out of the bed without any discomfort.

4. Memory Foam Is Hypoallergenic And Can Be Beneficial For One’s Health

A significant benefit is also available for people with sleep apnea. This is a disorder in which breathing is disrupted while they sleep. When paired with quality memory foam pillows, a memory foam mattress provides adequate support and elevation for the head. This helps to achieve healthy breathing patterns.

Standard innerspring mattresses have large open spaces that allow dust mites to grow. If you own an innerspring mattress for more than a year, it might have 100,000 to 10,000,000 dust mites.

They can use it as their habitat and also provide them with a steady food source. Dust mites eat dead skin cells. Because we spend so much time in our beds, we tend to leave a lot.

5. Memory Foam Mattresses Are Long-Lasting And Durable

Memory foam mattresses last an average of eight years. Higher quality memory foam can last up to fifteen years. It requires very little maintenance to last for a long time. Although the mattress will need occasional flipping or vacuuming, that is it.

The innerspring mattresses may last for up to six years, but they are more susceptible to sagging. This mattress type doesn’t resist dust mites so a monthly rotation should be done. The average life expectancy of water and air beds is seven to ten years. However, it is important to change and update parts regularly to extend that lifespan.

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