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Historically, tiny leaks in a flat commercial roof were extremely hard to locate. This often resulted in drastically reduced lifespans for flat roofs, as they were deemed to be beyond economical repair.

Developments in technology mean that this is no longer the case. Electronic Leak Detection enables industrial roofing contractors to accurately locate flat commercial roof leaks. This means that these leaks can then be repaired quickly – before they cause extensive damage to the roof membrane or the building’s structure.

How does Electronic Leak Detection work?

Experienced industrial roofing contractors use Electronic Leak Detection to detect small screw-hole sized defects in the roof’s membrane. 

Using the conductive properties of water and electronically charged bristles, these defects can be located with an accuracy of only millimetres.

Electronic Leak Detection is compatible with 99% of flat roofs and roofing membranes. It causes no damage to the roof, and is quicker and more cost effective than other methods of leak detection. 

The equipment can be used in both wet and dry conditions, and there’s usually no need to remove the surface coatings from the roof or make any special provisions.

Once leaks have been identified, they will be marked on the surface of the roof with survey paint and plotted on a CAD drawing, ensuring that repairs can be executed effectively.

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A leaking flat roof can quickly become very dangerous. To avoid a worst case scenario, get in touch with qualified industrial roofing contractors as soon as possible for a site survey.

Roofing Consultants Group have over 100 years of experience in detecting and repairing leaks in flat commercial roofs, so they are ideally placed to assist you. 
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