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Have you been frustrated with the diesel particulate filter on your truck lately? We’ve all been there – the dreaded check engine light comes on, you notice your fuel economy and power seem to have dropped, and your wallet cringes at the thought of expensive dealership repair bills. The good news is, you have options. Diesel particulate filter removal, also known as DPF delete, is becoming more popular and affordable. To help you navigate your choices, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 DPF removal shops in the US for 2023 so you can get back to enjoying your diesel truck. From coast to coast, these shops are leading the way in DPF delete services with expertise, quality, and value. Keep reading to find a shop near you and learn how a DPF removal can give your truck a new lease on life. The open road is waiting – let’s get that filter out of there!

What Is a DPF Tuner or Delete Kit?

A DPF tuner or delete kit modifies or removes your diesel particulate filter (DPF) to improve performance and fuel economy.

What is a DPF?

A DPF is an emissions control device in your diesel vehicle’s exhaust system that captures and stores exhaust soot to reduce pollution. The downside is it can restrict exhaust flow and reduce power.

Why install a DPF tuner or delete kit?

There are a few reasons why vehicle owners choose to modify or remove their DPF:

  1. Improved performance. By eliminating the DPF, you’ll experience more power, faster acceleration and higher top speeds.
  2. Better fuel economy. Without the DPF restricting exhaust flow, your engine can operate more efficiently which typically means 5-10% better MPG.
  3. Reduced maintenance. No DPF means no more expensive DPF cleaning or replacement costs.
  4. Sound enhancement. For those who want a throatier exhaust note, deleting the DPF is one way to increase rumble and volume.

Of course, modifying or removing emissions components like the DPF is illegal for on-road use and can negatively impact air quality, so check your local laws. If you do choose to install a DPF tuner or delete kit, it’s best left to a professional performance shop with experience working on diesel engines. They can properly tune your ECU to adjust for the changes and ensure maximum power gains with minimal risk of damage.

So if you’re looking to uncork your diesel and don’t mind bending the rules a bit, a DPF tuner or delete kit may be a great option to unleash your engine’s full potential. But do so at your own risk!

Top 5 DPF Removal Shops in the USA

When it comes to removing your DPF, you want a shop with experience, affordable prices, and a solid reputation. Here are the top 5 DPF removal shops in the US for 2023:

DPF Delete USA

With over 10 years of experience, DPF Delete USA is a leader in the industry. They offer DPF deletes for most major truck makes and models at competitive prices starting around $500. Located in Dallas, Texas, they also do remote tuning if you can’t make it into the shop.

ECM Tuning

ECM Tuning in Miami, Florida has been removing and tuning DPF systems since 2008. They charge around $600 for a DPF delete and reprogram on most trucks. They are known for fast, quality service and provide a 1-year warranty on all DPF removal services.

Diesel Spec

If you’re on the West Coast, Diesel Spec in Fontana, California is a top choice. They’ve been tuning and modifying diesel trucks since 2005 and charge $550-$750 for a DPF removal and ECU reflash. They also offer additional services like EGR deletes, transmission tuning, and performance upgrades.

Pro Compound Turbo

Located just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Pro Compound Turbo specializes in turbocharger installations and diesel performance upgrades. They charge around $650 to fully remove your DPF system and reprogram your ECU. They have a 2-year, unlimited mileage warranty on all DPF delete services.

Diesel Performance of Texas

For those in the Lone Star State, Diesel Performance of Texas in Haltom City is a recommended shop. With over 15 years of experience modifying diesel trucks, they charge $500-$700 to remove your DPF and reprogram your vehicle’s computer. They also offer additional upgrades like intake kits, exhaust systems, and transmission tuning. They stand by their work with a 1-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions About DPF Tuners and Delete Kits

Frequently Asked Questions About DPF Tuners and Delete Kits

Wondering if a diesel particulate filter (DPF) tuner or delete kit is right for your truck? Here are some common questions about DPF modifications:

Do DPF tuners or delete kits void my vehicle’s warranty?

Yes, modifying your DPF system will typically void the emissions warranty on your vehicle. However, it may not void other warranties like the powertrain warranty. Check with your vehicle manufacturer for specifics.

Will a DPF tuner or delete kit reduce my fuel economy?

DPF modifications can slightly reduce your fuel economy, usually around 5-10%. The reduction comes from the engine running less efficiently without the DPF. However, some owners report an increase in MPG from no longer needing to perform active DPF regenerations.

Is a DPF tuner easier to install than a full DPF delete kit?

Yes, DPF tuners typically only require connecting to your vehicle’s ECU to tune the system. DPF delete kits involve physically removing the DPF from the exhaust system and installing replacement pipes. DPF tuners are simpler to install for the average owner.

Do I need to tune my engine after installing a DPF delete kit?

It is highly recommended to get a custom engine tune after installing a DPF delete kit. The engine tune will optimize your engine’s performance without the DPF. Without a tune, your vehicle may experience reduced power, higher EGTs, check engine lights, and other issues.

Will a DPF delete kit or tuner negatively impact the environment?

Yes, modifying or removing your vehicle’s DPF will increase emissions of pollutants like soot and NOx. DPF systems are designed to reduce emissions to meet EPA regulations. DPF delete kits and tuners bypass these emission controls.

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You now know the top 5 diesel particulate filter removal shops in the US to consider for your truck in 2023. Any of these shops would be an excellent choice to help delete your DPF and unlock more performance and fuel efficiency. Once your DPF is removed, you’ll immediately notice how much freer your engine breathes and how much more enjoyable driving your diesel becomes. Your wallet will also thank you since you’ll be spending less on fuel and avoiding expensive DPF-related repairs down the road. If you’ve been on the fence about DPF removal, hopefully this list of the best of the best has convinced you to take the plunge. You won’t regret gaining more power, better mileage, and reliability. Your truck will be transformed. So don’t delay – pick up the phone or visit the website of one these top-notch DPF removal shops today to schedule your DPF delete and experience how a DPF-free diesel should drive. The open road awaits!

By Syler