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Clearly, silverfish are not fish. Their silver hue and the way their bodies sway back and forth and side to side when they move earned them the nickname “fish.” Silverfish are omnivorous eaters that only eat items rich in carbohydrates. They particularly enjoy eating paper, and will devour boxes, books, and other household items.

Silverfish are simple to get rid of on your own or by searching for services of pest control near me.

What draws them to your house?

  • They frequently consume polysaccharides, which are sweet compounds that are present in many household items like book glue, carpet fibers, household glue, paint, fabrics, and even your furniture.
  • They deposit their eggs, which resemble white and yellow bulbs, in secret, damp spaces around your house.
  • They thrive in moist, humid settings, just like many other household pests.
  • They have an eight-year maximum lifespan and frequently breed. They can be very annoying because of this, and over time, they may harm household things.

Five Symptoms of Silverfish Infestation

Do you suspect the presence of silverfish in your home? Five warning signals are listed below:

  • The presence of live silverfish is the first indication of a silverfish infestation.
  • The faeces of silverfish are quite distinctive. They resemble tiny black peppercorns and are frequently discovered in places where silverfish congregate.
  • Throughout their entire lives, silverfish shed their skin. They provide clear evidence of a silverfish infestation.
  • Even if you don’t see the silverfish molting their skin, you might observe the golden dust they leave behind on surfaces.
  • Finding the harm that silverfish are producing is one of the simplest methods to spot them.

Silverfish Eradication: 6 Best Methods

Here is some advice on how to get rid of silverfish using both homemade remedies and specialized equipment that is sold at many home improvement outlets.

  • A starchy substance or food should be placed in a glass container, and the outside should be taped shut. Silverfish will be able to enter the jar by scaling the textured surface of the tape in this manner, but they will be unable to exit due to their feet being unable to stick to the smooth glass interior.
  • Wet the newspaper to encourage silverfish to settle in and build a habitat. Later on you should dispose of or burn the newspaper after a few days.
  • Set sticky traps out as silverfish can crawl and become stuck.
  • You can use cedar or cedar oil, the oil in a spray bottle with water and cedar oil or as a diffuser. They despise the potent pheromones in cedar.
  • Place dried bay leaves all about your house. Oils of dried bay leaves repel insects, including silverfish.

The Takeaway

Generally speaking, silverfish are innocuous indoor insects that don’t often seriously affect houses. When they become numerous, they can destroy valuables and overall be an annoyance. Silverfish control Melbourne aids in the extermination of pests, including silverfish, from residential and commercial properties. Their staff will assist you in getting rid of silverfish if you have an infestation in your house.