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You will need the IP address of the device, as well as the login and password, in order to access your Netgear Orbi. The manual that came with your Netgear Orbi router should provide all of this information. However, if you do not have the handbook for your router or if you do not want to read the entire manual in order to get the default login credentials, you may follow the simple approach that is provided below. You have to be connected to the router in order to access the page where you may log in to the router.

Netgear Orbi Login Guide

To access the web-based user interface of your router, use a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or any other browser you want. In the address bar of your internet browser, type, which is the default IP address for accessing the administrative interface.

You should see two text boxes here: one for your username, and the other for your password.

The username admin is set as the default for your Netgear Orbilogin.

Password is set as the default password

Try this procedure if the login credentials shown above do not work with your Netgear Orbi router.

You can try out a variety of ID/password combinations that are commonly used by Netgear, which you can find below. This is a list of the username and password combinations that are the most often used by Netgear as their default settings. There will be occasions when the login and password that we supplied at the beginning of this article will not function. Then you can attempt getting access to your Netgear Orbi wireless router by using the username/password combinations that are shown below.

The default login IPs for my Netgear router are as follows:

You attempted using a variety of IP addresses for the router, but nothing worked? Have any of these IP addresses worked for you? In the following list, we have included all of the known router IPs that are associated with the manufacturer Netgear. It’s possible that this will work for you.

# Default Router IP 1 2 3

None of the above solutions worked for me, and I am still unable to use my Netgear router.

You just need to do a factory reset on your modem. Simply locate the button labeled “Reset” on the bottom or back of your router, and press it to carry out this simple task. If you keep this little button down for around 20 seconds (you might need to use a toothpick), your modem will be reset to the default settings that came with it when it was manufactured. You need to bear in mind that in order to reset your modem, you will be disconnected from the internet. This is something you should prepare yourself for. Therefore, it is highly recommended to seek the advice of an expert while dealing with this matter. Note: If you do not have adequate information, it is certainly advised that you should acquire aid from a person who has all the expertise about this issue.

To update the password for your admin login:

Launch a web browser on a computer or mobile device that is linked to the Orbi network, and type orbilogin.com into the address bar of the browser.

The login window will now appear.

After entering the username and password for the router, click the Login button.

Please take note that admin is the user name. Password is set as the default password. Both the user name and the password require proper case formatting.

The BASIC Home page will now appear.

To set your password, navigate to ADVANCED > Administration > Set Password.

The page to set your password will load now.

After you have finished filling out the forms, click the APPLY button.

Your settings are saved.

Final thoughts 

After reviewing the article, you may be aware of Netgear orbi login credentials.this step by step guide is here to assist you with the best solutions. You can follow the above written guidelines and sort out your problems. Get in touch with us for more information.