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Most adults nowadays spend most of their time in front of tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Do you guys suffer from problems like headaches, eye strain, dry eyes, etc while working on these electronic devices? Do you know the reason why this happens and what all things we can do and use to prevent these?

If you want to find out the answers to all your questions and queries regarding this problem and know more about blue light then keep reading.

What is blue light?

Blue light is present all around us, the light spectrum contains all the colors of the light including red, blue, and many more. The harmful rays which come from the screens of electronic devices are known as blue light. These rays may damage your eyes.

There are some glasses which are made to protect our eyes from the blue light.

What are blue light glasses?

Blue light glasses are specially made to block the blue light coming off from the screens of electronic devices. These glasses reduce the damage caused to our retina and also our eyes from glare.

Damage of our retina depends on the amount of blue light our retina is letting in, blue light glasses help to avoid harmful overexposure.

Are blue light glasses worth the hype?

In a world full of differences, this question depends on the people and their problems.

It’s a truth that blue light glasses do block harmful blue lights. Therefore it is worth the hype but I would also recommend the use of these glasses only when needed.

You can find the best blue light blocking glasses in the UK at reasonable prices at online eyewear stores. They are made to the highest British quality and worth our money.

You may go and visit your nearest eye care doctor when you feel problems like headache, eye strain, dry eyes, neck pain, etc. and choose the best blue light glasses for your eyes.

Does blue light affect our sleep and how?

Sleep is one of the main concerns in everybody’s life, in this case where sleep is most affected by the blue light is to be taken care of.  Many factors affect our sleep like stress, crying over financial issues, worrying about unnecessary things, and overthinking. But, one common enemy to your sleep that you may not know about is blue light.

Blue light is present in the sun rays too but it’s natural and doesn’t pose any harm to your health. However, using electronic devices after sunset leads to exposure to artificial blue light.

Blue waves are believed to suppress the release of the melatonin hormone (that makes you feel sleepy). Thus, blasting your eyes with blue light in the dark leads to difficulty falling asleep. Please take care of your sleep and try to decrease the use of electronic devices at night

Some helpful tips to avoid these problems

You can purchase good-quality blue light glasses in the UK to fight off digital eye strain. But, I would like to give some helpful tips that will help you avoid digital eye strain:

  • Come out and let yourself  be in the natural daylight
  • Try not to use electronic devices at least one hour before you go to bed
  • If possible, take frequent breaks in between while using any electronic device
  • Avoid the use of artificial blue light

Some medical studies suggest that exposure to blue light may cause permanent damage to our eyes, please take care of your eyes and do follow the tips and if necessary use blue light glasses of good and reputed brands. Eyecare has now become one of the major things to be taken care of. In case of any confusion, consulting your eye care specialist will be the best idea.

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