Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Any website is in fact a set of files (texts, images, videos, scripts, database, etc.). But you need hosting for the website so that Internet users can see it at all. It is not enough to have files of the website on your PC, they need to be put on the network. Putting files on websites on computers with special software. These are called web servers. Servers are on the network 24 hours a day, to ensure continuous operation of the website and protect it from malicious attacks. To place the files on the website, you need to rent space on the server or a physical server.

Web hostings for various needs

In simple terms, hosting is a service that provides everything you need for a web resource. Hosting provides disk space, as well as the capacity of the processor and RAM. In rare cases, hosting also provides the capacity of the video card. This web hosting has to choose, taking into account the specifics of the Web resource and the power he needs.

Web hosting for gaming

Choosing the right hosting provider is critical for those who are going to make their own web resource dedicated to video games. As well as the type of server that you choose on the hosting platform. Usually, owners rent VPS servers Denmark for gaming. Those have sufficient performance, highly customizable. And they are not too expensive. Although in some cases it is better to rent a cheap dedicated server hosting instead of a VPS server.

Web hosting for database

For working with databases, the type of web hosting does not play a special role. Here it is important to take into account the fact that different databases and DBMS are supported. It is necessary to take into account the capacity that the web resource itself will need, both now and in the future. Because it depends on this, how fast your web resource will work.

Web hosting for mail server

Mail hosting is a service provided by hosting providers to keep customers’ emails up and running. It is independent of the web hosting website on the same domain and can be provided by another host. Professional email hosting effectively filters incoming emails and protects against spam, viruses, and other cyber threats. Also, professional email services provide users with round-the-clock technical support and a dedicated mail server.

How to monitor web server performance

Monitoring various metrics and server metrics is an integral part of the webmaster’s work. But in order to do it as efficiently as possible, conventional means are often not enough. In such cases, the ideal solution, which does not require the purchase of expensive equipment, is the use of special monitoring services. And HostTracker is one of the best in its class.

Web server monitoring service at systematically collects information and instantly reports incidents. And, if necessary, it gives recommendations on how to improve the server’s performance.

By monitoring the processor, RAM, and hard disk, all possible problems and leaks of server resources are identified. You can also check the presence of the server IP in the DNSBL lists to avoid blocking.

The monitoring service provides a wide range of checks. From checking the website by HTTP, and ping, to checking the database and server parameters. All this allows you to collect the most complete information about the work of the resource. This means you can quickly find the source of the problems. You can also set up API and POST requests to initiate automatic scheduled maintenance.