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From mockups to interactive products, the gap between the designer and programmer remains. You’ll need to bridge that gap with good ideas that can comprehend both, so your team can properly handle certain web or app development jobs.

There are many things to consider when designing web mockups - source: Rawpixel

There are many things to consider when designing web mockups

Here, we’ll discuss things that you need to consider when presenting a web design mockup for development practice, and what you can do to improve your experiences with certain tasks.

Things to consider when designing web mockups

Work with the developers to predict issues

One thing you need to understand as a designer is that not all your design ideas can be translated into code. And sometimes, what takes the designer seconds to come up with may present many challenges to the coding team.

To avoid this, the designers will need to work closely with their programmer counterparts, so they can have a checklist of potential challenges and the limitations of certain programming languages. Make sure that you keep it close to you so you can review the points anytime you want.

Work together to predict the issues - source: NegativeSpace

Work together to predict the issues

And don’t forget to have the developers review the designs throughout the stages from wireframing to designing, so they can make sure that your creative ideas are feasible.

Have mockup designs for varying displays

Remember that your web pages will need to fit on different displays with varying screen sizes, so your designs will need to adapt to different layouts.

Make sure to hand out your designs to the programmers with the complete packages for different display preferences.  In addition to that, ensure that you hire a skilled programmer who’s associated with well-designed web design Tampa companies And don’t forget to provide the adaptive layouts for your responsive designs too.

Consider your use of different visual elements, including logos, graphics, images, icons, and more. Make sure that they come in the right sizes and have proper positioning. Use different font sizes and customize the line height of text boxes on your different layouts.

Always keep in mind how the layouts and interactions differ when working on your smaller or larger screen when working on a particular design.

Maintain good design consistency

You should treat every page on the website as the main page, so you won’t be tempted to skip certain design tasks or to change the layouts if it’s not necessary.

By keeping a consistent web design from the home page to the sub entries, you’ll allow programmers to comfortably work on their familiar designs instead of having to work on entirely new backend codes.

And on the pages, you should have your layers well organized and labeled so the developers can instantly recognize your work. These are the foundations of having a good web design mockup for development practice.

Always use prototypes

To make sure that your designs are feasible and your elements are just, we highly recommend designers to always work with prototyping tools to handle their work.

Use prototypes to ensure your feasible designs - source: 438Marketing

Use prototypes to ensure your feasible designs

Here, you can check for certain layouts from your previous sketches and make sure that they work well with your designs. Make use of the simple yet adequate components to prototype different elements in the designs so you can test their interactions and responses.

And don’t forget to provide the developers with your (even low-fidelity) prototypes together with the high-fidelity mockups, so they can provide further feedback on your work. You can then agree on certain design elements and continue the work to polish your webpages.

Never introduce a web mockup without prototyping your designs. Or you’ll likely end up failing your colleagues. To navigate these challenges efficiently, considering professional web design services can provide tailored solutions and expert guidance.

Why should you go with Visily?

The design process for web mockups can be time-consuming for both the designers and programmers, so it would be better if you could somehow improve your performances with automated tools. And Visily, being one of the best web and app mockup creators will surely impress you with its many features.

Find out how the software can provide the best web design mockup for development practice with the following articles.

Create your designs with AI-powered features

Right off the bat, Visily users can immediately make use of the AI-powered features to quickly realize their many design ideas and inspirations.

Many AI-powered features for you to work with

All it takes is for you to capture a screenshot of certain webpages and allow the app to automatically construct your interactive web mockups within seconds. The option is also available for sketches that you’ve made, so designers can use their wireframes or blueprints to instantly realize their designs.

And with the built-in AI design assistant, Visily will provide users with handy tips and suggestions when it comes to fixing, refining, and optimizing their different web projects.

Many design templates and themes

At the same time, you are free to work with the different design elements and features in Visily, which will provide you with everything you need to create a web design mockup for development practice.

Here, the app lets you access many different templates, each with their own compositions and layouts. Feel free to browse through the varying options and apply them to your webpages.

Amazing app themes and page templates

In addition, Visily allows you to work with many component templates, which will make it extremely easy to customize the visuals and interactions of each element. Access smart and interactive design tools to easily adjust your web mockups by dragging and dropping the components.

Finally, with multiple icon sets available for your various designs, Visily users can always find the right graphics for their webpages.

Provide for seamless collaboration

To improve your work experiences with other team members, especially the synergies between designers and programmers, Visily provides its users with the convenient Team Workspace.

Here, the shared environments allow each authorized member to interact with each other and perform live editing of the mockups with ease.

You can use the app to generate CSS code for your app designs, and have the HTML codes with upcoming updates, which will provide simplified hand-offs for developers.

Also, it’s possible for Visily users to connect to the web and app design platform using both their desktop and mobile devices, thus making it a lot more accessible.

Free and always will be

Always enjoy the free app

With the software being in its beta stage, all Visily users can enjoy its complete features without having to pay for their paid plans. And in the future, as the full version of Visily is being introduced to designers, you can still enjoy the free plan for as long as you wish.

Make use of the upcoming prototype feature

For registered Visily users, you don’t have to wait too long for the prototyping options on your designs. With the team at Visily consistently rolling out updates and patches, the software is getting more and more refined.

And the upcoming options for prototyping your designs will definitely make the web mockup design tool a lot more attractive. You’re now able to work with prototypes and ensure the feasibility of your web designs before sending them to the dev team.


Make sure to follow the given guidelines to come up with the best web design mockup for development practice. And don’t forget to utilize this amazing design tool of Visily to improve your work performance while also enjoying its free pricing.