For many businesses, good time management is a concept that is often not prioritised. If we value time, then our operational tasks are not impacted. The world is so busy slogging to deliver their work, that they have forgotten the importance of time. But, UpTecHunt hasn’t! We have learnt and want to cultivate time management in the freelance industry.

Keep reading to know how UpTecHunt wants to introduce this culture.

UTH has established a talent pool of top 10% highly skilled freelancing enthusiasts with software development skills

Being in this industry, UTH knows how time-consuming it is to select a candidate out of so many applications. We want to break this barrier and reduce the time spent choosing the right talent. The moment you upload your project, our filtering mechanism would display only the ones with relevant skills. So, what’s new about this? 

You know how overwhelming it is to have thousands of applications or even more for a single project. Currently, the traditional method would expect you to choose one or more among the thousands. After spending a long time in this process, it is an even more exhausting experience when you aren’t confident if you picked the right one. On the contrary, think about having few applicants with pre-requisite skills and verified identity. One feels assured if the process is seamless and productive. Every hour is billable in the business. This is the kind of experience we are offering to the clients.

Highly efficient freelancers would save your time and money.

An efficient worker always believes in quality, not the number of hours worked. If a freelancer is well-versed with the required skills, the project delivery would be on time. Along with time, the quality delivered would be high too. In freelancing, every software development project works in an agile environment. There is close communication required between the client and the freelancers. If the work is efficient, the turnaround time would be high for the support tasks. Every penny counts in the business. 

Let’s take an example of a restaurant, a customer would be happy if the food tastes delicious, served on time and that’s when they say “It was worth the money”. 


 Restaurant represents UpTecHunt,

Customer represents the client,

 Delicious food represents high-quality work,

 On-time service represents a high turnaround time.

It is a package of celebration for the freelancers and the clients. 

Money can’t buy happiness, but at the end of the day, it matters

We spoke about quality and time that plays a significant role in business growth for both parties. One of the most important factors is money. All of this is interdependent. Sometimes, the project is delivered on time with good quality work and the freelancers aren’t paid fair. Sometimes, clients have to pay a high percentage of service fees leading to proposing low rates to the freelancers. Despite all this, work is still being allocated and the freelancers are still looking to work. Why? Because there is a need and both freelancers and the clients need each other. UTH came up with a solution to address this issue to make it easy for both parties. We have introduced high-quality and efficient freelancers. Consistency of talent would come with fair pay rates and low service fees. 

Importance of Productivity

When we talk about quality work and good time management, we should also know that it boosts the productivity of freelancers. This works in the favour of the businesses. Employees or freelancers get frustrated with their jobs because of the unrealistic expectations of the employers. It has become a norm that only long working hours means efficiency. This new generation believes in spending time efficiently to balance their life. Work-life balance remains a topic of discussion. Yes, this comes with experience. And here we are talking about highly skilled professionals. If one can complete a task on time or maybe even earlier than that, it is highly beneficial for the business. It would give you more time to focus on different aspects of product development such as strategies, process improvements or enhancing user experience. A free mind can work better than a stressful mind.

In conclusion, UpTecHunt would contribute to your work-life balance and let you breathe too. It doesn’t end here, we believe in continuous improvement. Hence, UTH is open to learning from your experiences and improving every day to make your life simpler. Let us value your time, money and life. You won’t be disappointed at UpTecHunt, that’s for sure.

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