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Having odor from gym bags is a common concern among gym-goers. A massive number of gym-goers invest lots of money in good gym bags. However, soon, the bags become smelly, unhygienic, and damaged due to irregular maintenance. 

Here we have brought a few practical ways to keep your gym bag smelling fresh for a long time. So if you want to know the ways, let’s dig in.

Keep an eye on the daily actions to reduce odor in your gym bag

If you follow a few simple steps daily, the chances of getting an odor in your gym bag will decrease naturally. Let’s have a look at them. 

  1. Do not leave your sweaty gym clothes inside your gym bag: 

After a hectic workout session, people tend to leave their sweaty and smelly gym clothes inside their gym bags. It is a big no if you want your gym back to smell fresh. We understand that you may get exhausted after a workout session, but do not leave any clothes for the next day inside your gym bag. If you have a bad habit of leaving your clothes inside your bag, it will cause a bad odor and be harmful to your health. So once you arrive at your home, make sure to get all clothes and other equipment out of your bag and clean them thoroughly before using them the next day. 

  1. Do not forget about your shoes: 

Another reason for the bad odor in a gym bag is the smelly shoes. Shoes and socks together are a deadly combination and extremely unhygienic if not taken good care of. So, if your gym bag comes with a different compartment for shoes, make sure to use it and keep it in the sunlight and open-air once you reach home. Furthermore, if your gym bag does not come with a different section for carrying shoes, make sure to use a different bag for shoes and socks. Nonetheless, whatever you do, do not forget to clean and wash your bag, shoes, and socks once in a while without forgetting. 

  1. Keep your gym bag clean:

For making your gym bag odor-free, make sure to keep it clean and wash it from time to time. In most cases, you can wash it using a washing machine or your hand, but do not forget to have a look at the care label inside your bag. Additionally, do not carry any food or other things inside your bag since particles of the leftover foods can cause bacteria, germs, and odor. You can select the weekend or any other day for washing your gym bags with other necessary things. However, if you notice any stain or other things causing odor in your bag, you can use damp clothes to clean out the mess. 

Other ways to keep your gym bag smelling fresh for a long time 


One of the cheapest and most effective ways of keeping your gym bag smelling fresh for a long time is using teabags. In case your bag is larger, you should put at least a few tea bags inside your bag for long-lasting freshness. It contains an active deodorizer that naturally removes all odor and odor-causing germs from your bag.

Activated charcoal:

An activated charcoal is another natural air purifier that contains several agents to purify the air. You can find several air purifiers in the stores that contain activated charcoal as their main ingredient. However, if you search for a cost-effective way, make sure to use activated charcoal inside your gym bag for long-lasting freshness. 

Silica gel: 

Silica gel comes with almost everything you purchase from stores. The manufacturers use silica gel to keep your product safe and odor-free for a long time. If you tend to throw out the silica gel packet after receiving the product, make sure not to do it the next time. Instead, simply keep it inside your gym bag for long-lasting freshness.


These were natural ways to keep your gym bag smelling fresh for a long time. You can use several essential oils, dryer sheets, and deodorizing sprays to maintain hygiene and a good smell inside your bag. Whatever you do, wash your gym bag periodically for an everlasting freshness inside.

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