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Storage units are highly advantageous as they make relocating and moving easier, alongside saving precious residential square footage. You don’t have to carry unwanted items and belongings across the country while relocating to another state. And you don’t have to turn your garage, attic, or basement into a storage facility for your precious belongings. 

The storage industry is growing, and businesses are equipping themselves with modern solutions to improve security, convenience, and quality. Households commonly rent temperature-controlled storage units to avoid carrying the burden of discarded furniture, appliances, and heirlooms. Instead, you can rent a well-protected storage unit in a gated facility to store your belongings with care. 

How can businesses and consumers make storage units more secure and well-guarded? Keep reading to find out. 

Prioritize Strict Security Protocols 

Storage businesses and consumers looking for storage solutions must prioritize security protocols to ensure strict protection mechanisms. Storage facilities want to build legitimacy and credibility with state-of-the-art security infrastructure. And consumers want the peace of mind storing their precious belongings and items fully-secured, gated storage facilities. 

Prioritizing security preparedness is essential for storage businesses and their consumers. Businesses must explore market-leading solutions and digital technologies to automate and standardize security mechanisms. And consumers must inspect security mechanisms, sensors, and cameras after visiting the facility and examining all protective components. 

Is your storage facility furbished with state-of-the-art security systems and motion-detection sensors? Is every storage unit equipped with alarm systems and password-protected access? Does the administrative staff have access to duplicate keys or passwords to enable unauthorized access? 

These questions will help you scrutinize security preparedness and infrastructure for loopholes and risk factors. Gate access systems are a game-changer in advancing security preparedness as they deny access to unauthorized personnel. We strongly advise customers to find facilities that offer units for self storage gate access systems to prevent unauthorized access. 

Renting a storage unit within a gated facility offers the advantages of armed security personnel and motion-detection sensors. Every entry within the facility is recorded, and people who don’t have a storage unit cannot enter the premises. More importantly, no one can impersonate owners of the storage unit or attempt to gain access without following standard protocols. 

Installing State-of-the-art Alarm Systems 

Security technologies are advancing rapidly, merging with digital solutions to create smart, user-friendly interfaces. Storage facilities must offer superior protection by installing digital security systems and commercial alarms. 

Many security systems are designed to issue alerts to law enforcement agencies in case of break-ins and burglary attempts. In some cases, the alarm gives an alert to the manufacturer or system provider, who then alerts law enforcement agencies. These security systems are designed to ensure speedy law enforcement assistance to prevent break-ins and thefts. 

Businesses can explore a wealth of advanced technologies and security solutions powered with motion sensors to detect unauthorized presence. Storage facilities can also create a database of all their clients and use security systems powered by facial-recognition technologies. It’s wise to consult a security specialist to explore viable and efficient options to strengthen the security infrastructure of your facility. 

Add More Lighting Fixtures 

Dimly lit and shady storage units are vulnerable to burglars and intruders, who can harm clients accessing their units at night. The darkness can also assist intruders with their plans to create duplicate keys or break into the storage units. Adding more lighting fixtures and creating a well-lit interior environment will strengthen protective mechanisms. 

Customers won’t have to keep the storage unit open to gain light from their car’s headlights while sifting through their belongings. Most break-in attempts occur when clients cannot close the shutter while accessing their belongings in dim lighting. 

The authorities must regularly inspect the lighting fixtures across the facility to eliminate black spots and dimly lit areas. A luminous and well-lit environment will ensure nothing escapes the security system and motion-detection sensors

Consider Hiring Security Personnel 

Is your storage facility located in an area dominated by criminal networks, burglars, or crime syndicates? Or perhaps, the crime rates in your neighborhood are soaring dramatically, resulting in staggering break-in attempts? 

Suppose security cameras, lighting fixtures, and trained patrolling dogs aren’t enough to keep unwanted intruders at bay. In that case, it’s wise to consider hiring armed security guards to patrol the premises and strengthen security measures. 

Compromised security and increasing break-in attempts will undermine the credibility and legitimacy of your storage facility. Hiring armed guards and security personnel will give clients peace of mind and assured security diligence. The guards will handle complex and challenging situations, such as burglary attempts and unauthorized access. 

Keep a Record of All Stored Items 

Here’s an essential tip for clients and storage businesses: keep a comprehensive record of all stored items. Households must make a list of all items they are relocating to the facility, with photographic evidence of each item. Photographs will help you examine the item’s condition when stored and retrieved to ensure its safety. If the condition has deteriorated since you left it in the facility, you can hold the authorities accountable. 

At times, stored belongings deteriorate due to unauthorized access and usage by the administrative staff and owners. Other times, the belongings deteriorate due to a lack of effective temperature regulation in the unit. For instance, wooden furniture, appliances, artwork, and paperwork need climate-controlled storage to prevent destruction and damages. 

Final Thoughts 

Running and renting storage facilities comes with numerous challenges, particularly identifying and mitigating security hazards. Households must do their homework while renting storage facilities and scrutinizing security protocols. Businesses must invest in state-of-the-art security infrastructures and alarm systems to ensure preparedness. Modern-day security systems are highly advanced and well-equipped, but facilities can also consider hiring armed personnel.

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