Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
Diamond Lock


Keys are the most commonly produced items globally, and every person surely has at least one set of keys. But sometimes, we forget our keys in the car or inside the house and hire professional locksmiths to solve our problem. However, a little knowledge goes a very long way, and when you get the knowledge of key cutting, it could save your time, money and sanity. Ever had a customer whose key will not work? No matter how many times you re-cut it, he returns and returns and returns. 

It can be the world’s most frustrating thing. There are several things you can do to either resolve the issue or stop it from happening in the first place. However, it is very important to have some working knowledge of the lock when cutting keys and what action the key has within it. In this article, we share some great ways and techniques involved in Car Key Cutting.

Check The Damage Closely:

It is very important to closely look for any marks and damage on the key, indicating issues. While if the properly inserted into the lock but the cuts are not deep enough, this will cause small indentions within the V of the cut. Scrape marks down the profile of the key would indicate that the profile is very thick. Therefore, when you want to perform Car Key Cutting, you must deeply check the damages.

Choose The Right Key:

It is very important to get the right profile for all pin tumbler type locks. Resist the temptation to use a very thin Universal key for all Yale type profiles. It will end up with a very loose key in the lock, which causes damage but also if the original key is very thick, you may risk the top pins dropping into the barrel chamber and seizing the lock. 

The bottom of the key works as a barrier against the top pins as the barrel is turned 180 degrees. Therefore, it is very important to do Car Key Cutting that tries to source the right key blank and keep a good range of blanks in stock, preferably labelled by the lock manufacturer, to make key identification instantly and very easily. Furthermore, it is also very important to keep the manufacturers’ catalogues up to date and an eye on the information related to every new product.

Know The Type Of Key:

Knowing about the type of key plays a vital role in Car Key Cutting. There are two main types of keys, regular and high-security keys. In most cases, you can have a regular key cut anywhere in your home or office. These regular keys include Chubb and Yale locks. On the other hand, high-security keys are more delicate. 

They are used where high security is required. Often, these keys are installed in the main door of houses, commercial spaces and warehouses. Cutting a high-security key on your own is quite difficult, and you require having a code number from the card where you buy it. Some keys can be cut even when you do not have another key to duplicate.

Need Proper Machine Alignment:

Some locks required more precision-cut keys than others. Therefore, your machine could be out of alignment even without you knowing about it. It is very important to check your machine alignment weekly with the help of calibration keys or two identical key blanks if you want to perform Car Key Cutting without facing any problem. You also need to check for wear and tear on the cutter and, most importantly, wear on the tracer point. Don’t forget to keep your machine clean and free of chippings.