The real estate business has reached its peak in the last few years. The reason might be that people need profitable businesses, and no such thing gives you a better return on investment. 

Now the trends in real estate also change. In Pakistan many housing societies are offering affordable housing to Pakistani natives but very few of them are offering the best to the residents. It attracts investors to buy plots and houses for their families. 

A blue world city is one of the housing societies that gives everyone their dream place. 

Modern housing society gives people all the facilities and privileges they want for themselves and their families. That is why modern housing societies like blue world city changes the traditional real estate market trends. 

Modern societies like the blue world city waterfront district provide many amenities to its residents. 

Blue World City Waterfront District 

Is it your dream to have a house beside the lake or water park? If yes, then your dream are going to come true because of new addition in blue world city and that is its waterfront district block. The most recent addition in Blue World City is Waterfrom District. 

The Waterfront District Developers are giving people tired of the same amenities supplied by other communities a new level of sophistication as they elevate their way of life. 

No one has to travel outside the area to find the amenities they need because this District offers all residential and business amenities. The following characteristics make waterfront block a drastic change in the real estate world. Such as:

Waterfront District Developers 

The project’s owner is Saad Nazir, son of Chaudhry Nazir, the ex-deputy commissioner of Lahore. A well-known blue group of companies constructs the waterfront district block of blue world city. 

The blue group signed a memorandum with a well-known Chinese company, sham Jian municipal engineering. This memo predicts high-end real estate development.

Waterfront District Facilities:

The Waterfront district of blue world city is one of the unique innovation in real estate project. It captures everyone’s attention because of Chinese architectural elements. The waterfront is absolutely for everyone, including low-income families. Every family can enjoy this golden opportunity and live in their dream place. 

In addition, the CPEC project makes the block more demanding. It is also an excellent and remarkable place for people who want an international living standard. Projects like waterfront districts are rare in the real estate market. 

There are the following amenities that are specific to waterfront districts such as: 

·      Waterfalls and dancing fountain

·      Food streets and floating restaurant 

·      Water sports club

·      Gated community

·      The walking and jogging tracks

·      Basic utilities like gas, water, and electricity

·      Parks and green spaces

·      Wide roads

Waterfront district vs. other blocks

Waterfront provides a golden investment opportunity for investors. The selling of plots constantly increases day by day due to its features and facilities. The block is a drastic change in the real estate world as it changes the shape of basic facilities that other housing societies provide its residents. 

If we compare blocks with waterfront districts, there is a difference in payment plans. All the other blocks are also reasonable and affordable, but the payment plan for the waterfront is flexible. In addition, this block grabs the attention of investors due to its waterfront. 

These elements are not present in any housing society. It is not even in other blocks of a blue world city. If you want to know more about blue world city waterfront district block, you can contact lead marketing.

Specifications of waterfront block

Waterfront block provides so many facilities and services to its residents. All these specifications meet international standards of living. Residents of the society can enjoy the pleasant view of the lake and waterfront. 

The location and payment plan of the society make it attractive for every investor. The scenes from the blocks are spectacular. There are the following features that make blue world city spectacular in the eye of investors: 

·      Floating restaurant allows you to enjoy a meal with family and friends. Food streets are also there for families with local and international chefs.

·      Dancing fountains increase the beauty of society. At the waterfall, there is always be rescue crew and security for residents.

·      A strolling path will showcase the residential society’s elegance. It will be close to the water sports club.

·      The waterfront block has regional and global sports clubs. It also has a team to assist residents interested in sports activities. 

·      Moreover, for entertainment purposes, there is also an outdoor cinema. You can watch your favorite movies and shows on it.

Blue World City waterfront payment

Waterfront block is a golden investment opportunity for investors. Plots and houses are at reasonable and affordable prices. Residential plots are of three types; 6 Marla, 12, and 18 Marla. 

The prices for these plots are 1, 75,000, 3,150,000, and 4,200,000, respectively. You can pay in installments for the waterfront district block. If you want a reservation, you can get it by paying 10%deposit and a 5% verification fee. 


Every block of the blue world city is different from others, with distinct qualities and features. A lot of amenities are offered by the society, such as a gated community, Wi-Fi, a restaurant, etc. Still, the blue world city water block provides luxurious life to its residents. Its international standards make it different from other housing societies. 

Its amenities, payment plan, location, etc., make it more famous in the eye of investors. The block drastically changes the trends of the real estate market. If you want to know more about the Blue World City waterfront district, its amenities, Blue World City waterfront payment, etc., you can contact lead marketing and solve your queries.