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Who does not want a wardrobe as the one celebrity owns just like on those magazine covers? Considering wardrobes one of the most essential parts of the house, everyone wants it to look beautiful. Beauty is not always in the eyes of the beholder, sometimes we need to work on some things to make them beautiful. And in this case, you need to know what kind of wardrobe would go well with your home’s interior. We understand your problem and so we have designed for you a little guide for choosing the right wardrobe that watches your home’s interior. Read this article till the end to be more aware. 

Things you need to remember before getting a wardrobe:

There are certain factors you need to have a good look at before getting/buying/installing a wardrobe. These factors include size, design, measurements, where you have to fit it, what type of wardrobe you are looking for and who is going to use it. If you figure out all these factors, then it would be extremely easy for you to choose a wardrobe matching your home’s interior. Here’s how you can figure out all these factors that you need. 

What are the basic types of wardrobes?

The first thing you need to keep in mind is what type of wardrobe are you looking for according to your home’s interior and for that, you need to know what are some basic types of wardrobes.

  • A free-standing wardrobe is something you can fit everywhere, it can be different sizes too according to your ease, and you can adjust it anywhere you want to.
  • A built-in wardrobe needs to be in a dedicated space. as it would be built inside the wall. You will now face no problem with storing your clothes and other stuff. 
  • If you are an unorganized person, a hinged-door wardrobe is all that you need. The biggest advantage of a hinged-door wardrobe is the access and visibility to everything. 
  • Stand-alone wardrobes are somewhat the same as freestanding ones, but they occupy a little more space. 
  • Lastly, you can consider a lavish walk-in wardrobe if you have a big house and can afford to have one. 

So one of the issues is solved now, you know about the basic kinds of wardrobes you can go for, so let’s move on to another factor of this wardrobe choosing guide, well you can also check out our page to get to see the best wardrobes in Oman.

Size, Measurement And Storage Capacity:

Now, the size/measurement and storage capacity depend on if you choose a readymade wardrobe or you are going to build one. If we talk about the readymade ones, they come with an average depth of 400-500mm and that’s a pretty good depth for a wardrobe. You can also customize the wardrobe with some extra inches to make it look the way you want it to be. 

Also there are different measurements for different types of wardrobes that you can get to know by asking for a size chart. Before purchasing one, you need to know the storage capacity of your space so that you do not get a very big or a very small wardrobe for your place. For this, you can take the help of measuring tape that would perfectly measure the length, width, and depth needed. 

When we talk about building a wardrobe ourselves, we need to be extra cautious with everything, from the material to the fit, the size and everything else. For size and measurement, take the help of a measuring tape, get your measurements straight, take it to the carpenter and proceed with other things. 

Remember to add these compartments to your wardrobe.

  • The shelves.
  • The drawers.
  • Shoe storage.

What are the popular wardrobe materials you should choose?

There are some ideal wardrobe materials you should choose for your wardrobe. These materials include engineered wood, HDF or high-density fibreboard, MDF or medium-density fibreboard and plywood. We do not have to worry about water resistance because one would not be installing a wardrobe in a wet area. These materials have high moisture content and can be carved into different shapes and so a good wardrobe can easily be made out of them. 

What kind of wardrobe would go best with your home’s interior?

Firstly, you need to figure out what your home’s interior looks like. If you live in a house with a vintage and traditional interior, go for a hinged door and free-standing wardrobe. 

When it comes to modern homes, built-in and sliding-door wardrobes would be an ideal choice. Go for any of them.

Talking about luxurious homes, we would suggest going for walk-in or open closets and wardrobes. 

Another thing to remember is that you need to consider the theme of your room as well. For a kid’s bedroom, go for a comparatively small wardrobe.

As an adult, to give it a mature look, go for sleek designs and mature finishes with matte colours. And as for elderly people, consider sliding doors. For more ideas check out  wardrobes in Qatar showroom.

Prioritize the important details!

We often forget most of the details. Add mirrors, extra colours and other little details to give your wardrobe a good look. You can go for centre mirrors, a side table with a beautiful vase on it, hangings to the inside of a hinged door wardrobe, classic showpieces and all other teeny tiny details that add spark to the beauty of the wardrobe. Also, our website provides the best wardrobes in Abu Dhabi for more ideas. So, check that out too. 


Our final thoughts on this article would be to give this choosing guide a good look before choosing or considering any wardrobe to avoid mishaps. Consider having some inspos from Pinterest and other websites to get a good idea about what you want. Also, visit the best wardrobe showrooms in Dubai and hence, the best wardrobe design company in Dubai to get the best ones.

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