Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

As the air in the atmosphere turns cold, the first thing that needs our attention is our skin. Unfortunately, there are adverse effects of the cold seasons on our skin. We tend to use such products in our daily routine that dry out our skin due to using oil control products and weakened skin barriers. It up is tired of seeing your itchy and flakey skin, you can follow tips given below:


Use moisturizers after shower:

It is recommended that if you apply moisturizer right after taking shower, your skin will be able to absorb the moisture in a better way. It has been seen that dry skin tends to absorb moisture and humidity in a better way when it is wet. So, applying moisturizer after a shower is better than applying it at any other routine time. 


Choose skin products wisely:

As the season changes, there is a need to bring changes to our skincare routine also. In addition to it, our makeup products should also be in-line with the changing weather conditions. Stop using oil control products as the skin is already flakey in the colder atmosphere and takes a turn for the worst. 

As we age, the amount of collagen in our skin also decreases due to which, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles becomes prominent. We should add such products to our routine that have collagen in them. You can try Nutra organics collagen powder to restore the required amount of collagen.  


Reduce the frequency of scrubbing your face:

All of us are aware of the benefits that we can enjoy when we scrub our faces. Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells and gives radiance and glow to the skin. But, excess of everything is bad. Therefore, we should ensure that we scrub less often especially when the humidity in the air is more and skin is getting dry. Scrubs tend to pull out the moisture from the skin making it drier and itchier. 


Use high-quality sunscreen daily:

We are aware of the fact that ultraviolet radiation from the sun can damage our skin badly. Therefore, dermatologists always recommend we apply sunscreen on the face as soon as we wake up. When we don’t use sunblock, we are unable to prevent UV rays from reaching our skin and damaging its natural moisturizing barrier. Due to this, our skin becomes incapable of restoring its natural moisture thereby getting drier. Since keeping your skin hydrated is the key goal of the cold season, sunscreen can help us achieve this goal. 


Try using a humidifier:

Humidifier adds moisture to the atmosphere around us that is very useful for our skin especially when we want to restore moisture. Since we use heat in our houses, moisture is naturally reduced in the air. A humidifier is the best tool to be used for combating dry skin and all the adverse effects that come with it. 

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