we will check a reality. As of late we got a message on whats application with an inquiry containing an inquiry, that celebrated assamese artist Vitali Das is in any condition. We are certain that you have inquiries concerning the present theme, for example, Who is Vitali Das?, Is Vitali Das is in any condition?, Vitali Das passing case genuine or counterfeit?, and a lot more others.

Who is Vitali Das?

Vitali Das is a notable face in Assam. She has voiced a few Assamese bihu tunes and collections including ‘Nitow Beliti’, ‘Dudinor Sinaki’, ‘Jabe Neki’, ‘Kawai Masse’ and ‘Pokhila Hoi’.

Vitali Das Dead or Alive:

Vitali Das is conceded to Guwahati’s Kalapahar COVID care focus after she tried positive for COVID 19 infection. As of now she is in ICU (Intensive consideration unit) of the medical clinic and said to be in basic condition, as per individual shut to vocalist.