Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

There are many different types of business events available for business to explore. Keeping in mind the great significance of many business events, it is important to invest in the right one. Also, a specific type of event will suit different businesses differently too. Business and event managers need to select the event type carefully. Preparations will have to base on the event type as well.

In most cases, cost and information delivery are the major concerns. In recent times, pandemic travel restrictions have wavered many businesses from in-person meetings or events. During this time, many organizations discovered just how efficient hybrid or virtual meetings can be. So, we have a good evaluation of all these types of events. Read below to select the right one for your business:

Virtual Events

Everyone is talking about virtual business events. Many people in the business industry are treating virtual events like a replacement to traditional event styles. There is much to virtual events than people think at first. When done right, these can provide many great benefits.


  • Limit costs and cut out travel, hotel and big expensive venue expenses for business meetings and events. Larger businesses benefit greatly from virtual events in terms of less costs.
  • Much easier scheduling options as virtual events don’t need people to travel at all. Your team members on team meetings and events can quickly jump in any time.
  • Ability to expand the target market and audiences for public events like tradeshows, exhibitions and product launches. You can present business or products to potentially unlimited market.
  • Boosted attendance in case of conferences, training sessions or board meetings. Everyone can participate in the meeting or event without having to dedicated too much time.


  • Interaction between participants and audiences is limited. Can be overcome with solutions like iPad hireor other devices for company events.
  • Some businesses don’t suit virtual events and have to get people in-person for trainings and conferences.

In-Person Events

Then there are those traditional in-person events. These have worked so well for so long. All kinds of in-person events including conferences, trainings, board meetings, exhibitions and others have been mainstreamed. Businesses have gotten great advantage out of these event types for as long as anyone can remember.


  • No new technology required to be adopted. Experienced business people are used to in-person events and they can continue the trend.
  • Better chances of interaction on events of all kinds between all audiences whether colleagues or public target audience.
  • In-person presentations have grown on people. Message and information delivery is thought to be easier this way. Options like laptops for rentals or iPads can be perfect platforms.


  • Too costly for many businesses. Costs like traveling expenses, venue costs, hotel and all other arrangements cost a great deal of money.
  • Target audience and market usually limited to locality of the event. Wherever the venue is, that would be the only target market.
  • Participation for all members or even target audience can be restricted during lockdowns or for many other scheduling reasons.

Hybrid Events

Probably the most common types of events in recent times are hybrid events. These tend to combine both virtual and in-person events. When doing your events hybrid, you will arrange a team to present all your business ideas physically. For training sessions and other company events, presentation teams can be onshore with all the rest being offshore.

Hybrid events will also need quality tech Hire companysupport to setup all the devices. Although you will need much smaller number of device setups.


  • Cheaper cost of operation. Venues can be smaller or even be onshore in the office. Far placed people will not be required to travel.
  • Able to expand the target market and audience just like virtual events. For public events, advertise them through social media to gain greater audiences.
  • Everyone is able to participate. Team members who cannot appear in-person, can participate through devices like iPads or laptops.
  • Fast scheduling options where business managers can organize events on a few days’ notice as well when required.


  • People who are not available in-person will find it hard to communicate with other members. Interaction can be boosted with smart solutions though.

Which Are for Your Business?

So, what kinds of business events should your business use this year or the next? These are all great options. However, when you ask for a complete solution, hybrid events do come out on top. Experience business people who are used to in-person events, will be able to participate in-person. Far placed team members for bigger businesses can become part of the even through the internet.

In addition, hybrid events are most suited to a wider range of business organizations too. There is no question of people being not used to these events. Also, when you arrange for hybrid events, every member of the team can easily participate from wherever they might be. Additionally, cheaper costs of arrangement also give the edge to hybrid style of events too. In the end, it comes down to personal preferences for the business. Some will go totally virtual where others will find hybrid events more useful. However, in our experience, in-person events will soon become obsolete. Hybrid and virtual events are here to stay. More business industries will shift to hybrid events lockdowns or not. These are just more efficient at doing what in-person events cannot.