Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Verdant Moon is a moderately new activity experience game facilitated on the Roblox Platform. In the wake of playing for quite a while, players discover that there are various classes to browse for your characters. Be that as it may, since there is no fundamental instructional exercise to assist players with sorting out what to do, a considerable lot of us are pondering the quantity of classes and what they are.

As per the authority Verdant Moon Info Discord Server, there are six base classes, six super classes, and one subclass. The rundown beneath gives the whole determination.

Sword Base Class

Hatchet Base Cass

Push Dagger Base Class

Sickle Base Class

Greatsword Base Class

Lance Base Class

Blade Super Class

Hatchet Super Class

Push Dagger Super Class

Sickle Super Class

Greatsword Super Class

Lance Super Class

Mage Sub class

Each class accompanies its own advantages and players ought to pick the one that best suits their requirements. Nonetheless, control plans between classes remain to a great extent something very similar. The class you pick doesn’t change the story, so head whichever bearing you want!

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