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People have long found the history of vampires or Frankenstein to be interesting. People find mysteries that are hard for scientists to understand to be frightful and disturbing as well as scary movies and stories. What then are the myths surrounding the vampire and Frankenstein stories? Let’s find out with these Vampire Coloring Pages & Frankenstein Coloring Pages!

Vampire & Vampire Coloring Pages

In Europe, the term “vampire” refers to a folktale about dead people who come back to life and live off of human blood. They may occasionally be exhilarating as well, but over time in European culture, they turn into horror stories.

Where the Myths began

Early in the 18th century, vampires became the subject of the first recognized scientific study. It all began with an incident that actually happened in 1725 to a peasant from Serbia named Peter Plogojewitz. The information from 1725 indicates that this individual passed away at the age of 62 and was buried underground in accordance with customary local practice.

However, a peculiar illness killed a large number of villagers in the community two months later. The occurrence persisted for nine days. The peculiarity is that Peter had visited the same individuals a few days before his passing.

Vampire Coloring Pages for Halloween

Peter’s widow said that she had a dream about her late husband knocking on the door and asking her to bring him a pair of shoes when she first started to accept the narrative. She suddenly went into a panic. She left the village the very following morning.

Following the tragedy, the villagers made the choice to remove Peter’s coffin’s lid. It was done by Serbian army personnel, and it was amazing that Peter’s body was still there and hadn’t started to rust or decompose. His skin was white, and there was a crimson stain that appeared to be dried blood on his lips. His fingernails, legs, and hair even appeared to have grown longer.

The locals were so terrified that they incinerated the body while continuing to spread the rumors, some of which were even made into terrifying tales. The troops who took part in the grave digging in particular told their leaders the truth when they got back to their battalions. Later, this episode was reported in a number of publications all over the world.

Since then, people have become more and more intrigued by tales of vampires.

A compilation of tales containing all the tales and real-life incidents he had gathered and heard about the vampire phenomena was published in 1776 by a French author by the name of Antoine Augustine Calmet.

After then, a number of bizarre vampire-related events started to arise, prompting scientists to take action.

Because the hemoglobin in their blood will break down under the influence of UV rays when exposed to light, people with this condition frequently feel afraid of it and prefer to stay in the dark.

Thanks to genetic engineering, porphyria may now be treated more readily. But a long time ago, it was one of the most dreaded human illnesses. When the problem worsens, the patient must deal with hormonal imbalances that cause long, curly fingernails and legs, body-wide hair growth, and regrowth of the skin around the lips and gums. The skin gets more tightly stretched and thinner, exposing the teeth like wolf fangs.

The patient is also prone to oral bleeding due to the severity of the injury to the skin and gums. Many people’s mental images of bloodsucking vampires are also a result of this illness.

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Frankenstein & Frankenstein Coloring Pages

Victor Frankenstein was raised by a loving and kind Swiss household. Henry Clerval, a buddy from his youth, and Elizabeth, his adoptive sister, are close to him.

Frankenstein has been concerned with researching out-of-date beliefs regarding how human existence originated since he was a little lad.

He assembled a typical human body at the University of Ingolstadt using individual body components. A terrified Frankenstein recognizes the creature is an abomination after giving it life and makes the decision to flee, abandoning his years of research in the process.

Frankenstein Coloring Sheets

Henry Clerval traveled to Ingolstadt to study with Frankenstein, but now that he is worn out from his mad labor, he must look after his friend. For several months, Frankenstein recovered from his sickness and studied languages ​​with Clerval at university. 

The creature is skulking around in the meantime, trying to make friends with everyone. It got terrified after a few unpleasant interactions with people, spent a year residing close to a house, and observed the family residing there.

Through these experiences, he learns, develops self-awareness, and becomes aware of how physically unique he is from regular people. In loneliness, the monster tries to befriend their family, but they are afraid of him. As a result of their rejection, the monster decides to get revenge on his creator.

In order to ensure that the little child won’t be influenced by the adult’s sense of the monster’s revulsion and that he would travel with him on his voyage, he mistakenly kidnaps a small boy in Geneva.

The youngster is suddenly identified as being the younger brother of Frankenstein. In a fit of rage, the monster murdered the kid and then falsely accused a girl, leading to her conviction. This was the first step in the monster’s quest for retribution.

The monster looks for Frankenstein in an effort to connect with someone who can relate to him. But in the end, he realized that no person could ever connect with a monstrous creature that looked so horrifying, so he made Frankenstein construct another female spouse for him.

Frankenstein was so devastated that he resolved to hunt the monster to the very end until one of them perished. The two eventually cross paths during a struggle for life in the Arctic after months of chasing. The life of Victor Frankenstein comes to an end here, and it is Captain Robert Walton who continues to tell the story.

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It may not be true in real life, but the stories of vampires and Frankenstein are always interesting topics, especially for movie fans. Check out more free Vampire coloring pages & printable Frankenstein coloring pages at!