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Awful Bunny’s forthcoming studio collection, Un Verano Sin Ti (A Summer Without You), is authoritatively coming May 6.

In an Instagram post shared Monday (May 2), Bad Bunny is seen associating with Spanish entertainer Mario Casas, where he lets him know that the collection is as of now done. The collection name and delivery date, May 6, 2022, are then displayed toward the finish of the clasp.

The set, which denotes his first collection in quite a while, will check the Puerto Rican craftsman’s fifth studio collection following X100Pre, YHLQMDLG, Las Que No Iban a Salir, and El Ultimo Tour del Mundo. Mundo impacted the world forever as the main all-Spanish-language collection to hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 collections graph.


Awful Bunny

Here are the pieces of information El Conejo Malo uncovered paving the way to the delivery:

Chipping away at NEW ALBUM

In his very first Instagram reel posted in January, Bad Bunny declared his World’s Hottest Tour as well as shared insights regarding his new collection. The one-minute video opens with Bad Bunny and his better half, Gabriela Berlingeri, having a heartfelt ocean side supper and partaking in a discussion. Then, he ventured away to send fans a message.

“We want to begin stressing less and appreciate life more since it passes by quick, extremely quick, very much like the tickets selling out for El Último Tour del Mundo,” Bunny said. “I was thinking, ‘Consider the possibility that I declare my next visit?’ Therefore, while I work on my new collection, which will come out this year, you can purchase tickets for my next visit.”


Under 90 days subsequent to declaring that he’s dealing with his new collection, Bad Bunny uncovered that the set is finished. On his most recent Instagram post, we see Spanish entertainer Mario Casas in a short clasp sharing the interesting news. “What? Great, I’ll tell them,” Casas says to Bunny’s almost 40 million devotees. “Huge news, Benito just let me know that the collection is prepared. Whenever the visit closes, he’ll deliver it.” The El Último Tour del Mundo journey earned $116.8 million and sold 575,000 tickets in 35 shows as indicated by figures answered to Billboard Boxscore, and wrapped on April 3, in Miami.


On April 15, Bad Bunny went to TikTok to share a piece of a fresh out of the plastic new melody, apparently part of his new collection. The 22-second clasp shows his life post visiting while he appreciates much-merited get-aways at the ocean side and is encircled by loved ones. “I traveled with a great deal of lagers and tunes/A went for good companions and the favors/And on the off chance that the day is monstrous, you make it prettier, I don’t make more wishes since I have all that I really want,” he sings over a vibe decent reggae beat.

After seven days, Bad Bunny uncovered the name of his new collection in the most unconventional manner. Rather than utilizing his web-based entertainment accounts, he posted a promotion of a 2019 Bugatti Chiron available to be purchased on a Puerto Rican classifieds site with information on the vehicle and the individual who was selling it, which was Benito A. Martinez Ocasio (Bunny’s genuine name).

The people who called the lister number got the accompanying message: “Hi! Much obliged to you for calling. There’s brief period left until the collection emerges. I can’t say the date yet, however I can let you know the name: Un Verano Sin Ti (A Summer Without You).”


However he’s yet to uncover the delivery date, Bad Bunny went to Twitter on May 1 to report that there are actually 23 tunes on the set. Each number had the work “PALO” close to him, which inexactly meant “hit.”

On Feb. 24, 2020, Bad Bunny utilized a similar methodology to declare the quantity of melodies on YHLQMDLG. The set dropped unannounced five days after the fact, on jump day (Feb. 29).

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