Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
Understanding your libido

One of the reasons why we have variations in sex and sexual prowess is because of our libidos. While some individuals have higher libido which means a high sex drive, others have lower libido. So, it’s somewhat impossible for someone that has a lower libido to have more sex than someone with a higher libido. A person with a high sex drive is likely to enjoy having sex more than someone with low libido. 

So, if your partner is such that they get tired easily after a few minutes of having sex, don’t be too in a haste to castigate them or call them names. They just might have a lower libido compared to yours. Nonetheless, the more you understand this concept, the easier for you to maximize it and use it to improve your overall sexual experiences. There are various porn videos that have featured individuals with ranging libidos. So, technically, it’s not about how high or low your libido is, it’s about how much you understand your body and your partner’s body. 

What is libido? 

In a nutshell, libido is a degree to which you desire sex and enjoy having sex. It is also known as your sex drive, although several individuals have defined it to mean several things. The fact remains that your libido explains your sex drive, and it’s responsible for how much you desire sex and sexual intimacies. So, it could be affected by several factors ranging from biological to psychological and even environmental factors. 

As mentioned earlier, your libido could be high or low, depending on some of these factors. Nonetheless, it is essential to note that you could have it increased from one level to another. Majorly, most individuals want to get more of the concept of sex, hence, you majorly move from a lower libido to a higher one. Irrespective of which one you might be, it is important to note that it’s possible to tweak it from one position to another. The degree to which you understand your libido and have it under control will determine how your sex life will be. So, more than you choose to have sex, ensure that you get a hang of your sex drive first. 

How to improve your sex drive

Here are some of the top three means of improving your libido from one level to a better one. 

Consume an appropriate amount of porn videos: 

One of the most effective means of improving your sex life is by consuming porn content. The more porn clips you watch, the more your urge for sex increases and the more your need for sexual liberation increases. When you consume porn videos or porn content, you are catalyzing your hunger for sex and sexual intimacy, and that in turn helps you build your sexual desires. Over time, you will begin to see improvements in your sex lice. Such that what used to take you a few minutes to get over, will now take you days and the need to explore more becomes a necessity. 

Masturbate regularly: 

Regular masturbation could also help you improve your sex life. Although the concept of masturbation has been bastardized, the fact remains that it’s one of the most effective means of improving your sexual desires and urges. The more hour masturbates, the more you understand your body and have control over it. Your body is meant to be subjected to your will, so, you can tell when you would stop having sex and when you want to have sex. Once you get the hang of your body, your sex drive becomes subject to your will and not just emotions. 

 Rest appropriately:

Most times, all you need to do is just rest! You don’t have a low libido; you are just tired. Because you’ve stressed yourself during the day or over the week, you might find it unimportant to have sex or even want to engage in sex. Even when you engage in sex, you won’t last 10 minutes before you are out. Instead of beating hosiery up about it and trying to use sex enhancers and boosters, just rest! All you might be needing is a couple of hours of sleep, and you get revitalized. So, one way to improve your libido and sex life is by resting appropriately and when necessary