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Have you ever scheduled a family photo shoot and then cancelled with a knot in your stomach because, while the photographer may be a pro, you are not? Reverse the roles. Have you ever scheduled a picture shoot and hung up because you needed a tactical strategy? This post is for you if you replied yes to either side of the situation.

As you know, family portraits can be memories of a lifetime and you do not need reasons to get a family photo. Just bring everyone to one place, get a creative photographer and make it happen.

We’ve compiled a list of 6 fantastic family photo tips that will capture the spirit, personality and distinctive characteristics of your loved ones.

  1. Creative poses

There will be occasions when you will be required to take staged family photographs. But then who says you have to line up in a straight line? Make a human tower, piggyback each other, offer shoulder rides, perform handstands or jump into the air if you have a large family. Use your imagination! You can capture some incredibly unique images from a totally different angle if you have access to a drone. If you don’t have a drone, you can get more height by using a rooftop, staircase or strong chair.

  1. Location

Where should your portraits be taken? A studio was often the sole option in the early days of photography. However, with today’s technology, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Some photographers continue to work in studios, while others specialise in on-location photography. Both solutions have advantages and disadvantages.

Studio shots are beneficial for a variety of reasons. They’ll be private with only your family, the photographer and perhaps an assistant present. A studio session will offer a more pleasant experience with no spectators if you’re at all self-conscious about having your photoshoot.

On-location sessions are for those who aren’t frightened of things not going as planned on the day. The unpredictability of an on-location shoot may lead to fortunate accidents that result in amazing candid images.

The third alternative is to have the photo session at your house. If you have a well-lit house with plenty of room, this can be a good alternative for individuals who want the comfort of the familiar and private yet a more natural aspect to their photos.

  1. Recreate old portraits

Find some old family photos, the more humiliating the better and re-create them in the day with the same people. This is not only a fantastic viewpoint and shot, but it’s also a terrific reason to come together with family and friends. And, like life, the outcomes are a beautiful blend of humorous and tragic.

  1. Let the kids be kids

The best piece of advice is to let kids be kids. Avoid attempting to persuade children to remain in a given stance or pose. If you try too hard to control them, you can end up with a tantrum. Allow them to be as joyful and energetic as normal, capturing the moments as they happen—playing, laughing, running and being happy. You can end up taking candid pictures which everyone will adore and cherish. A photographer who has experience dealing with families with kids should be able to provide some excellent advice on how to capture the ideal photos. Thus, it is essential for you to read tips on choosing the right family photographer.

  1. Do not forget the pets

Our furry childhood best buddy has left an indelible mark on all of us. Don’t forget to include your pets in your photographs. It can be a lovely way to chart the progress of both your kid and the animal, as well as their blossoming bond if you have a new infant and a pet. Go down to your pet’s eye level for the best photographs.

Final click

You sure loved to turn pages of old family albums as a kid so why to keep your children deprived of the same experience. Capturing family photos can be intimidating given the different nature of people involved, tantrums from the kids, finding a theme and many other things. But, that does not mean you can never take one with a good photographer and some help from the above-listed tips. 

The family photos don’t have to be picture-perfect but just a reflection of your relationship with each other. They must exude love and togetherness despite the imperfection. You never know how this wonderful photo session could end up being an unforgettable memory in your life.

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