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Because of recent events, more and more people are working from home. To make your work-from-home experience the best, you need a supportive chair to improve your quality of life and prevent back pain issues. Eureka specifically markets itself, for the above features, within the gaming chair world.×1280/products/394/5846/5__57208.1663668564.jpg?c=2

If you want a decent chair to help support you during those 8+ hour work days, it should be relatively inexpensive, fully adjustable, and have good customer service. Proven quality is also essential when finding the correct chair type. Let me introduce the office and gaming chair Typhon from Eureka.

Please read on to find out more about the Eureka Ergonomic 60” gaming desk. Fast delivery from

Eureka’s Typhon Gaming and Office Chair- Delivery & Build×1280/products/398/5887/3-1__67102.1663739371.jpg?c=2v

I received an email from Eureka saying the chair is coming early. Typhon has arrived early, or I’m fortunate! The chair could arrive at my local courier service’s office in three days, and with fully tracked delivery, it will be at my home in only two days. Outstanding!

I was able to put the chair together in less than half an hour – I needed to be set up for an upcoming online meeting! The instructions were quite large but easy to understand and follow. Assembling the chair wasn’t difficult at all. I gathered that some people have difficulty putting theirs together and need assistance. However, this one was a piece of cake.—1__08633.1667598912.jpg?c=2

I was pleasantly surprised by the level of quality in the Eureka toolkit! The company has included some powerful tools that you would only use for a short time during assembly, but they are made with such precision that they can be proudly displayed in any workroom. I commend Eureka for their care and attention to detail on every aspect of the chair and self-assembly process.

Eureka’s Typhon Gaming and Office Chair – Features Offered

The Typhon chair has plenty of features that are great for gaming and office use.

4D Armrests—1__08633.1667598912.jpg?c=2

The most notable feature is the 4D armrests which can be adjusted in four directions: up, down, forwards, and backward. This gives you many options to find the perfect position for your arms while gaming or working.

Fully Adjustable

The chair is also fully adjustable. You can adjust the seat’s height, the seat’s depth, the angle of the backrest, and even the tilt of the entire chair. This allows you to find a position that is comfortable for you, whether you’re gaming or working at a desk.

Lumbar Support & Headrest

The Typhon also comes with a lumbar pillow and a headrest pillow. These pillows can be removed if you don’t need them or can be adjusted to provide the perfect support for your back and neck.


The Typhon Ergonomic Chair is equipped with an adjustable footrest, meaning you can always find the most comfortable positioning for your feet, perfect for those looking for a gaming chair to use for long periods.

Breathable and Durable Material

The Typhon is upholstered in a breathable and long-lasting fabric designed to keep you cool and comfortable even during long gaming sessions or workdays.

High-Quality Base & Wheels

The Typhon has a high-quality base and wheels designed for durability and smooth movement. The chair can also swivel 360 degrees and has a rocking function so you can relax when you’re not gaming or working.

Eureka’s Typhon Gaming and Office Chair – 3-Months Review

I waited 3 months to write this so that I could give an accurate, 3-months review.×1280/products/407/5989/3-2__06070.1667848342.jpg?c=2

I’ll start with the bad points.


  • The chair was rotating clockwise, and it became irritating.
  • I wonder if I should have gotten the more oversized chair; it may have been better for my height, even though I am in the middle of recommended Typhon stats.

I’ll be honest; I was rushing and didn’t build it correctly the first time. So, I got a torque wrench and adjusted the bolts on the underside. It turns out two bolts were loose while two others were too tight. 

Now that they’re all torqued evenly, there’s no more drift! Problem solved!

Considering the reasonable price, I am pleasantly surprised that Secretlabs would include so many tools and features. The quality of the toolkit is already excellent–I couldn’t have asked for more!×1280/products/407/5991/2-2__55187.1666315256.jpg?c=2


Now for the good points:

  • Adjustable Lumbar Support – This makes an incredible difference, even though I have it on full power!
  • Leg length – Perfect for my height.
  • Arm length + width – I love that this is fully adjustable, but the defaults are already great for me.
  • Adjustability – The build quality is impressive–no matter where I am in the house, I’m constantly adjusting the chair! The height up and down, the tilt and adjustable resistance, the armrests move in all directions: up-down-rotating-in-rotating-out – it’s so effortless and smooth.
  • Level of Firmness – I have come across complaints online where people say the Typhon chair is too firm and impacts circulation to their legs. To be clear, I do not share this sentiment because I am not built the same way as these individuals. However, I will say that this chair is adjustable to fit a range of needs! Additionally, after 3 months of usage, I can attest to its comfort – it has even cured my lower back pain from sitting on smaller chairs and the sofa incorrectly.
  • Material – Hi Ace, I earlier read some comments about people experiencing little annoyances – but I haven’t had any problems!
  • No More Back Pain! – This chair has improved my life significantly by reducing back pain in less than a week!

Eureka’s Typhon Gaming and Office Chair – The Final Verdict

The Eureka Ergonomic Typhon Gaming and Office Chair is an excellent chair that will last a long time. It’s perfect for gaming or working, providing lasting comfort so you can stay seated for hours. 

The design is also very sophisticated, so it won’t look out of place in a professional setting – even though it is technically a “gaming” chair. Even though the price tag might be higher than some other models, the performance makes up for it – making this chair well worth the investment.

Eureka’s Typhon chair is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality option for gaming or office use.