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Table of Contents

1.Types of wigs you can buy from the Luvme store

2.1Bob wig with bangs

2.2From where to buy premium quality bob wigs with bangs?

3.1Short curly wigs

3.2Benefits of short curly wigs

4.1Deep wave wigs

4.2How to maintain deep wave wigs


When it comes to buying anything it’s a fact that the more options that are available for you to choose from the more difficult it is for you to decide which option is the right option.  It’s the same case for wigs these days there are tons of options available in the market when it comes to wigs. From synthetic wigs to human hair wigs. From lace to without lace and from with glue to glueless wigs.  It gets very confusing to decide which wig you should go for and you start doubting your decision that whether you are making the right decision or not.  Let’s not forget the amount of money you have to spend on buying good quality wigs. So it would be very bad if you end up buying a wig that you don’t even like. It would be a waste of your time and money. To save your money and your precious time we would recommend a good wig-selling store to you. At the luvmehair store, many different types of wigs can be bought in premium quality at a good price. But we will tell you only about three types of wigs in detail like their pros and method of installation. If you want to learn about what types of wigs can be bought from the luvmehair store then keep on reading.

Bob wig with bangs

If you want to try a short hairstyle with bangs then Bob wig with bangs is a good way to achieve that. Before getting bangs you would ask if bangs are still in style well our answer is bangs will never go out of style. The wonderful thing about bob wig with bangs is that this wig is available in many textures straight texture is seen often. But curly bob wig with bangs is unique that everyone must try at least once in their life especially if you have naturally straight hair.

From where to buy premium quality bob wig with bangs?

If you don’t know any store that sells premium quality bob wig with bangs then don’t trouble yourself.  We know a store whose wigs are tried and tested by us. Luvmehair store specializes in selling premium quality human hair wigs. You can also buy Bob wig with bangs from the luvmehair store. There are many textures and colors available in this category. From straight, curly, blond to black we are sure you will find a wig that will suit you.

Short curly wigs

If you are bored with your straight long hair and want to try a new hairstyle that is completely opposite to your usual hairstyle then short curly wigs are made just for you. Short curly wigs are great at enhancing the facial features of the wearer. These curls bring attention to the wearer’s face .You can try many different styles with short curly hair. These wigs go very well with accessories like beanies, scarves, and headbands.

Benefits of short curly wigs

With short curly wigs, you will stand out in the crowd as the bouncy curls will bring attention to you. This is a good thing especially if you don’t want to blend in with everyone. These wigs are very low maintenance, unlike straight wigs that you need to wash more frequently. With short curly wigs, you don’t have to worry about washing your wig and blow drying it .It’s a double win situation where you get to have awesome curls and even get to save your precious time and money. You also don’t have to spend a lot of money on hair products which is good as hair products are not very cheap especially if you want to buy good quality hair products.

Deep wave wigs

Deep wave wigs are made to look like natural African American hair. The curls are ticker and tighter than other curly wigs. Deep wave wigs have smoothness and shine to them which is why many women love these wigs. Women who want to increase the volume of their natural hair should try deep wave wigs as these wigs due there tight curl pattern blends well with the real hair.

How to maintain deep wave wigs

In order to minimize the amount of hair fall from your wig you must make sure to get rid of all the tangles before washing deep wave wigs. The best method to get rid of tangles is to start from the bottom at the tips and work your way up toward the roots. Washing is important as it will get rid of dirt build-up in the wig as well as the excessive oil. But if you don’t rinse the hair properly you would not get good results. The correct method for rinsing the deep wave wigs is to run the water through the wig in a downward motion and use your fingers to easily wash away all the shampoo.

With the passage of time, it’s given that the curls of deep wave wigs will become a little loose. The best way to maintain these wigs is to use a curling iron as these wigs are made from virgin human hair so can be treated in the same way you treat natural hair.


Buying good quality wigs for a reasonable price is hard these days it is a blessing to find a store that sells premium quality wigs for reasonable prices. If you are interested in buying deep wave wigs, Bob wigs with bangs, or curly short wigs then it is worth buying them from the luvmehair store. Deep wave wigs are good at blending. Curly short wigs make you stand out in the crowd. Bob wig with bangs is worth trying at least once in your life. Now after reading the article you can easily decide which wig you should get.