Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Stunt Daddy is learning firsthand why it’s anything but the best plan to say anything negative about Beyoncé and JAY-Z. Two of the most impressive craftsmen on the planet, with two of the most grounded fanbases in the business, have authoritatively trained in on the Florida rapper after he offered inconsiderate remarks about their ability. Addressing a Clubhouse board about how he doesn’t figure Beyoncé can “sang” and limiting JAY-Z’s ability as “not the best rapper,” Trick Daddy Dollars may eventually wind up lamenting his words on the grounds that the Beyhive has come for him and his pockets.

Soon after Trick offered his remarks about Beyoncé, the world-acclaimed artist’s fans began to survey bomb his Sunday’s Eatery café, making him have a lovely horrendous score on the web.

“Appalling food. Truly, however. The assistance was so awful and the food was so shoddy,” said a Beyoncé fan as an audit, leaving a honey bee emoticon toward the end. “I’ve at no point ever tasted such foulness,” said another enthusiast of Queen Bey. “The Lemonade then again, was heavenly.”

Stunt Daddy multiplied down on his remarks about Beyoncé and JAY-Z on his public broadcast toward the beginning of today. This evening, he went live on Instagram to explain his assertion.

“Beyoncé is the main entertainer I’ve at any point seen other than Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. Would she be able to sing? Definitely… She can’t sang. She ain’t in my top,” he said. “Beyoncé ain’t Stephanie Mills. She ain’t Patti LaBelle. She ain’t Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey. She may be your Whitney Houston, that is my assessment. I told my homeboys that Chris Brown is fair and square of Michael Jackson and they resembled, ‘You insane! You’re affronting the King.’ I’m revealing to you something I feel and I’m disclosing to you something that Michael Jackson revealed to Chris Brown himself.”

Do you think the fans are going excessively far by bombarding Trick Daddy’s café audits?

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