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  • 100% imported cotton
  • Its good elasticity, breathability, skin-friendliness, comfort, and feeling-good qualities make it more appropriate for daily wear.
  • will help you stay cool in hot weather by increasing breathability and removing perspiration from the skin to keep you dry.
  • Trapstar hoodie is a trendy and laid-back aesthetic that feels wonderful, looks fantastic, and draws some people can be created by pairing hoodie shirts with other items in your wardrobe.


Sizing: Please carefully read and compare the size chart. If you have a strong build, you might think about purchasing a size bigger than usual because it is more comfortable to wear. Sweatshirt and trapstar hoodie are available in all sizes. Therefore, don’t worry; be happy because we are here to amuse you.


Feature:Our man top is appropriate for all occasions and can keep you warm and dry no matter the weather. To create a casual everyday style, you can easily blend formal pants, casual pants, chinos, and jeans. Of course, you can wear it by itself or to complement your jacket as an interior piece.


Occasion: Suitable for any situation, including daily wear, dates, parties, travel, the office, the street, sports, and the beach, among others. Ideal present for friends, family, and boyfriends.


One of the most popular fashion labels in the UK is Trapstar. They were named Best Streetwear Brand at the World Fashion Awards in 2019; Supreme, Palace, and Stussy were among the contenders in that category. They are represented by Jay-Roc Z’s Nation and are worn by celebrities all over the world.

The streetwear market has grown to be one of the biggest trends in fashion over the past 30 years, with an estimated worth of over 309 billion dollars in 2017. And one of the early significant participants in the sector was Trapstar.

Making t-shirts for themselves and their friends in 2008, Mikey, Lee, and Will founded the company. But as soon as word got out in their neighborhood, pals threatened to copy their ideas if they didn’t start marketing to a larger audience. Their USP was the way they packaged and delivered the goods when they first started off selling through pop-up stores. You could order the apparel by sending a text to the company’s “trap phone.” Pizza boxes would be used to deliver the goods when payment and pickup had been established. By 2010, they had enough money to purchase the Trapstar flagship store on Portobello Road in trapstar london.

The buddies claim they came up with the name Trapstar during a talk with Lee’s stepdad. You think you’re all some kind of fly boys, but you’re simply imprisoned, he added. Let’s see what you can do with yourself. “We may be caged, but there’s a star locked in everyone,” Mikey retorted.

Trapstar, well known for its edgy graphic t-shirts, hoodies, brand-representing caps, and matching tracksuits, keeps the line between high fashion and streetwear blurred. Particularly now that well-known figures like Rihanna, The Weeknd, and A$AP Rocky are wearing the label. We’ve been working on this since 2008, which was really early in the UK streetwear industry, and as a result, we have grown to be very responsible in it, said co-founder Mikey. The entire culture surrounding this type of clothes was what we wanted to promote, not just yourself.

In order to maintain the anonymity of the participants, Trapstar also exploited their catchphrase, “It’s a secret.” They even now refrain from letting their entire face appear in photographs; instead, they typically wear ski masks or conceal their faces with their hands. This exclusivity generated a buzz that made drops sell out and specific items more in demand, adding to the hype, exclusivity, and limitation of streetwear.